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The Province of Venice is flat and offers several sign posted bike routes, and the Province has projects to offer more routes in the future.  There is no bike riding in the city of Venice (Venezia) itself, and if you are traveling through the city do not be tempted to ride in the streets, or you will get ticketed.  Only in Piazzale Roma and on the Giudecca is bicycle riding allowed.  You will also find it hard to take an assembled bicycle onto the waterbuses during busy times or if you are moving from within the city to the outer islands. It is getting better at certain stops, but it really depends on who is taking the tickets aboard the boat.  Only from Tronchetto can you get a ferry over to the Lido di Venezia and other Islands. . 

The Map below shows some of the best rides in the Venice (Venezia) Province.

venezia province bike map


  1. Lido di Venezia:  Nice day ride for anyone wanting to escape the craziness of the city.
  2. Treponti and Cavallino:  The province has established two or three bike routes along the canals. 
  3. Riveria del Brenta:  Ride along the Brenta Canal to see the Villas of the Old Venice Empire. There were at one time 3-5 varied routes some of the sign posting is still up, but it is difficult to find the itinerary's.
  4. Venice to Caorle: Nice day route to Caorle and back.
  5. Piave Bike Route:  Follow the Piave river into or from the Treviso province. 
  6. Caorle  to Grado - Regional bike route that takes you Caorle to the sea side resort of Grado in Friuli Venezia Guilia Region.
  7. Mirano and Noale: Ride along canals and through farmland to discover the lands of the painter Tiepoli and the Roman settlement of Noale.
  8. Chiaggio and Isole Verde: Ride through the delta of the Adige River.
  9. Chiaggio to Ferrara:This is a classic bike route that links into the "Destra Po" (Right of the Po) bike route. 


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