Treviso Province of the Veneto Region

Located a few kilometers from Venice, the Treviso Province is a unique combination of landscapes, art, history, nature, good food and hospitality, a visitor can fall in love with this small corner of the Veneto Region.  As you travel through the Treviso Province the scenery and setting is constantly changing, ranging for the harmony of the plains to the mountains of the Prealps, with the soft hills of  Prosecco, the woods of Montello and Consiglio, through cites of various size, all making the territory of the March 'Gioiosa et Amorosa' a mosaic of beauty to be discovered. Art and history lovers will find signs of ancient civilizations, medieval villages, stunning modern architecture and museums with engaging subjects. For those preferring outdoor recreation and nature you can discover the three rivers of the province (Sile River, Piave River, and Liveza River), the hills of the Asolina and Prosecco areas, and the Prealps, by bike touring, hiking, rock climbing, paragliding, and other activities. Food lovers will enjoy the culinary pleasures of the region, Radicchio Rosso di Treviso and Prosecco are on top of the list.

Treviso Province Italy

The province of Treviso is crossed by two significant rivers: the Piave and the Sile. In addition to the capital city, sung by the poets as a "gracious city", also noteworthy are the picturesque towns of the province: Castelfranco Veneto, Vittorio Veneto, Asolo, Maser, Conegliano, Valdobbiadene, Montebelluna, Oderzo, Portobuffolè and Possagno.

The Natural Park of the Sile River offers a great naturalistic experience, concealing small populated areas of exceptional historic and artistic value, such as Paese, with its Casa Quaglia, bearing witness to one of the oldest architectural villa styles of the Treviso area. The religious traditions and numerous villas have characterized the history, culture and art of this province. Among the dwellings of particular interest is the 17th century Villa Albrizzi Franchetti in Preganziol, which became the center for an Academy and a destination visited by artists and poets such as Foscolo, Byron, Pindemonte and Canova.

In Montebelluna we are in the so called North-Western Marca. The area is characterized by mountains which slowly transform into green hills cultivated with vineyards, scattered with splendid townships such as Asolo and beautiful mansions such as the Barbaro di Maser villa, one of the greatest examples of the ingenuity of Andrea Palladio. The northern Marca is especially renowned for its production of Prosecco wine, whilst the town of Oderzo stands out in the eastern Marca, created as a pile-dwelling settlement of ancient Veneti, then transformed into a major town during the Roman era.


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