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Longare | Vicenza Province

Communita di Longare


Longare is located just south of the city of VIcenza, along the road that leads to Este and contours the Berici Hills. It debated as to how the town came about its name, perhaps from the word Longarì; which means 'a town outstretched along a river', or perhaps from Hungarian tribe called the Longari that raided the land during the Middle Ages.

There is not much to the town of Longare.  This is partly due to the presence of an NATO military base that once held nuclear missiles during, during the cold war. Due to a scare of radiation and there was a period were the community did not grow. ·The missiles are long since been moved out, but rumor has it that there is still nuclear waste cemented in the caves above the town. The US government still occupies the base and has expanded the use of the area, which has prompted protest outside the entrance each weekend, by the local inhabitants. ·

Longare sits on a cross roads and has been a traffic issue for several years. They built a bypass around the township, and so traffic is less.


The earliest inhabitants of Longare used to dwell in the caves. In a time they would start building huts and villages near the watercourses, in sheltered places. During Roman domination Costozza's white stone was much appreciated, and Costozza became a busy trading centre, until the Huns' invasion (452) when it all suddenly came to an end. Costozza did away survive during the Longobards' rule: from a 753 document we know that some Anselmo sold Costozza to the Benedictine monastery Neonatal, near Modena. Thus we know exactly when the monks arrived to Costozza and started their work of amelioration of local agricultural and economical conditions. S.Mauro's Church soon became the mother-church of many more local churches, and, as Costozza belonged to his personal possessions, Vicenza's Bishop had a large castle built there.

On the 13 th of June 1292 Costozza approved its first Comune Constitution. During the following century, the continuous wars between Padua and Verona, that Vicenza was not able to fight off, left the population impoverished and forlorn. From 1404 on Longare belonged to the Republic of Venice: during this relatively peaceful age Costozza Stone became popular again, as it a main feature in the building of villas and palazzi. After the fall of the RupublicCostozza and Lumignano slowly began to decline as administrative centre, to the advantage of Longare. In 1866, when Veneto was united to the Kingdom of Italy, Longare's preheminence over the neighbouring towns was officially ratified by the status of comune.

Not to Miss:

One of Vicenza best Pastry shops is in Longare (actually Secula), from Vicenza turn left at the light (soon to be traffic circle, cross the bridge and it will be on your left. ·

The Riveria Berici bike path passes through Longare there are a couple of restaurants that offer lunch so it is not a bad place to stop for a snack.

There are some good wineries surrounding the town and the Tacoi Rosso wine rode-


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