Legnano, Verona

The Town of Legnago, Province of Verona, Veneto Region, Italy. Situated along the Adige, the last town crossed by the river before reaching the Adriatic Sea, at 39 km from Verona, it is in a good strategic position and within easy reach from Mantova, Rovigo, Vicenza and Ferrara.

The Adige river is navigable also by large boats, and two impressive iron bridges cross it, connecting Legnago by railway to Monselice and Treviso.  

The town was founded by the Lombards and transformed into a powerful fortress in the early 16th century by architect Sammicheli. The fortress was destroyed by Napoleon, but rebuilt by the Austrians after 1815, and in the 19th century was one of the four strategic fortresses (the so-called Quadrilateral) of the Austrians, with Verona, Peschiera and Mantova.

Verona Province,

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