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From Col Visentin the chain descends gently to Passo di San Boldo, which is crossed by a very steep road that penetrates a narrow gorge with tunnels drilled through the rock to reach Val Belluna directly from the Trevisan plain.  The "border" ridge between the two provinces rises from Passo di San Boldo to Col del Moi and descends to Passo di Praderiidego, which is reached by a road from Lentiai. Finally it climbs again toward the west to the mountains of Valdobbiiidene that culminate in Monte Cesen (1,569 m.). A road 12 kilometers long climbs from Valdobbiiidene to the plateau of Pianezze (1,070 m.), where a chair lift goes to the peak of Monte Barbariii (1.464 m.), a winter-sports resort with vast snow­fields and modern tow equipment that can be reached in less than one hour from Venice.

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