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Ski resorts in Italy are one of the best destinations in Europe, based on price, as it is notably cheaper than the other three main ski countries, such as France, Switzerland and Austria. Skiing in Italy is sometimes like being in two (or three!) different countries. German and Austrian cultural influences are prominent in parts of the Dolomites and French culture insinuates itself into the Aosta Valley

Many Italian resorts now have modern and fast lifts, advanced snow making, and the scenery is splendid particularly so in the Dolomites. The Italian ski resorts can broadly be placed into a number of regions including the DolomitesBrenta DolomitesValle d'Aosta, Ortler region, Alta Valtellina, Via Lattea, Apennines and futher south in Sicily.

Most Italian's approach to skiing is a relaxed and friendly one. Where skiing is only a small part of the whole experience and food, family, and relaxation makes up the other.   The accommodations at Italian ski resorts are mainly in hotels. There is a limited selection of chalets that are always booked quickly, so early booking is recommended.

At Italian resorts it is now compulsory for all children under 14 to wear a crash helmet.


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