Rock Climbing Guide To Italy

Rock Climbing Guide to the Friuli Venezia Region

Rock Climb Italy's, Friuli Venezia Region

The Friuli Venezia Region is a great location for a climbing vacation.  Many of the classic cliffs are along the Adriatic coastline, and if you climb at Erto or across the Solvenia border at Osp, you will find climbs at higher grades to challenge yourself on.  

Friuli Venezia region consists of a flat plain, close to the Tagliamento river and to the Adriatic coastline, with its plain and lagoons; a foothills region that includes the  Carnic and Julian Pre-Alps; and an Alpine Part, which includes the Carnic and Julian Alps. The main climbing areas are near the city of Trieste with some smaller cliffs thoughout the northern part of the region.  The best know climbing area is Erto climbing area located in the western part fo the region near the Veneto Region border.


If you can get to one of the sites I have described be sure and buy the local guidebook if it is being sold by someone who has bolted routes in the area. The routes I recommend and routes I have tried over the years, I cannot tell you how some of the routes are now since I do not climb at the same level.

Map of rock climbing sites in the Friuli Venezia region of Italy

Friuli Venezia Rock Climbing Sites
  • Doberdò del Lago
  • Erto Rock Climbing Site | Climb Italy
  • Anduins (Masarach)
  • Bosplans (Al Palazzo)
  • Costiera
  • Napoleonica
  • Sistiana
  • Avostanis (Pramosio)
  • Ponte San Quirino
  • Rifugio Pordenone
  • Piancavallo
  • Dardago
  • Val Rosandra
  • Osp
  • Dolge Nuve
  • Falesia del Nut
  • Bila Pec
  • Monte Strabut
  • Cretons
  • Madrabau
  • Villanuova
  • Sompiago
  • Braulins
  • Masarch
  • Travesio

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