The Pottery Town of Deruta Umbria

Bike Touring Umbria Deruta, Italy

Pottery-lovers the world over start to salivate when the name Deruta is mentioned. Colorful Deruta pottery, considered to be Italy's best, features designs popular since Renaissance times. The high-quality local clay attracted artisans centuries ago, and today artists still practice their craft.


Deruta is actually two towns: the upper hill town and the lower strip. The upper town, full of small shops run by local artisans, warrants a wander; prices and quality are higher up here.

Ceramic fans drop by the Museo Regionale della Ceramica (closed Tue), in the upper town, next to the TI on the main square. Below, a commercial strip parallel to the superstrada is lined with larger commercial outlets and factories. Many offer demonstrations of their time-honored craft. Prices are about one-third cheaper than in the United States, and most will ship your purchases home with a guarantee of safe delivery.


Buses connect Deruta with Perugia.