Gambellara wine roads

Wine making in the Gambellara Wine Zone dates back to the Roman period and has continued to present. The low del Chiampo valley in the Vicenza province makes the border with the Verona province and where the last spurs of the Monti Lessini terminate. The zone lies around the built-up area of Gambellara, once a small agricultural town, and extends in to the surrounding hills and towns of, Montorso, Zermeghedo and Montebello Vicentino. The area has a rich history and has always been well regarded by connoisseurs for the production of the local wine that has become for the product they produce, rather than for the glorious and inglorious events of wars.

This zone, between alternately gentle or rougher slopes, the land is mainly formed of earthy, basalt and tufa of volcanic origin. The easily friable rocks, make up most of the hills. The soil is ideal for the vines of the Garganega, and Trebbiano del Soave grapes, which produce Gambellara: a white wine available in many different forms.


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