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Train Routes In the Veneto Region

Eco Friendly Travel In Italy

Your bike tour or walking trip in northern Italy can be greatly extended if you utilize the train system.  Select a base for your travels and use the train lines to get to your stat point and cycle back.  Not all towns are connected by the train many times you need to use a combination of services to get to your final destination.  One of the many reasons you mostly hear about specific locations like Venice, Florence, Milano, and Roma is that each is very easy to get to.   However, knowing the train routes and how they connect with bus services, taxi, or even using your bike you can explore Italy with ease.

Key points to remember:

  • You do not have to buy your ticket from travel agents, it is best to buy the day you are traveling there is not difference in cost.
  • The main train route in the Veneto runs from Verona to Mestre, Mestre toward Trieste, Mestre toward Udine, Padova toward Bologna, and Verona toward Trento.
  • Secondary lines are usually more bike friendly and have special cars for bicycles.  If you bicycle is in a case you do not have to pay for transport nor use special bike cars.

By using the train lines in Italy, you can extend you bicycle tour or walking tour during your visit.  The Veneto Region is perhaps the most diverse.


Veneto Region Train Map

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