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The peak season for visiting the Italian Islands is typically May through to September when the weather is sunny with clear blue skies and balmy temperatures. Late spring and summer are great times to go, however, if you’d rather avoid the crowds and get a patch of sand to yourself, visit in April and October. But be aware that many of the smaller islands are only open for the summer season.

During the winter months, it’s possible to visit the more populated islands like Sicily, Sardinia and Capri in December and beyond. While the temperatures won’t be freezing, it still pays to pack for cold weather and many tourist facilities might be closed for the season. However, this makes the colder months perfect for experiencing local life!


When Italians want a quiet getaway, they know to get off the busy mainland and head to the country’s best islands. From pristine Mediterranean coves to fishing villages near active volcanoes, these idyllic escapes off the coast of Italy can fulfill your vacation dreams, whether you’re in the market for a jet-set fantasy, homey beach vacation, or an off-the-grid digital detox. 

There are around 450 Italian Islands but only a small proportion are open for travel. This guide focuses on the Islands worth visiting and where you could spend a few days enjoying the beaches, walking, hiking, climbing, SCUBA diving, or surfing.

There are a large number of uninhabited islands that are little more large rocks, and another 118 of that number make up the Venetian Lagoon. The two largest islands are Sicily and Sardinia that are two of the twenty official regions of Italy.  Check out our regional guide for both Sicily and Sardinia, in this section I will cover the smaller islands around the regions.

Island of Salina in the Aeolians

The Aeolian Islands of Sicily

Alicudi Island | Islands of Italy

Palmarola Island | Islands of Italy

Linosa Island | Islands of Italy

Venetian Lagoon | Venice Lagoon

Saint Elena Island in Venice Italy

Island of San Pietro di Castello in Venice Italy

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice Italy

Island of Giudecca in Venice Italy

Island of San Michele in Venice, Italy

Island of Murano | Venezia

Island of Burano | Venezia

Lido di Venezia | Venice


Venetian Lagoon

Island of Salina

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