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Adventure Activities In Italy

What Activities Can You Do In Italy

As well as being stunningly beautiful, Italy's landscape in also incredibly diverse. Italy has everything an active traveler could want; from snow-capped mountain peaks to endless sandy beaches.  The unique landscape of Italy makes a wide range of outdoor activities possible, all year round. You can literally do every kind of outdoors sport imaginable here including: bike touring, mountain biking, rock climbing, golf, walking, skiing, diving, bouldering, windsurfing and sailing.  When you combine the great Active Vacation options with the food and wine, and history Italy becomes one of the best travel destinations in the world.  If you are traveling with a group, as a couple or individual there are Outdoor Recreation options for all skill and fitness levels.  And a plus is that once one partner in the group gets tried that are plenty of things to keep them busy while you do a few extra turns, laps, or exploring.

Outdoors Italy Guide

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