Pale is a nice climbing area located in the hills about some of Umbria best know destinations like; Assisi, Spoleto, and Folgina.  In the rock walls is a small monastery that is still visited by the local community.  There are over hundred climbs spread through small sectors the can get very hot in the summer.  The sight is a great break with all the Church's start to look the same and you need to get away from the crowds.


PROVINCE Perugia Umbria
NEAREST TOWN Foligno Italy
Rock CLimb Italy, Pale Climbing Map
BEST TIME OF YEAR Fall, Winter, Spring
APPROACH TIME 15 minutes
ROCK Limestone
HEIGHT 25 meters
RANGE OF GRADES 4- 8a+ (150+ routes)


  • Trama sperimentale 6a
  • Ibernazione siderale 6b
  • Petit jour 6b+
  • Asilo nido 7c+


  1. Tetti australiani
  2. Ghiaione
  3. Eremo destra
  4. Eremo
  5. Placca dell'Eremo alto
  6. Mezza palla
  7. Placca dell'Eremo basso
  8. Alcatraz
  9. Piccolo
  10. Prima Placca
  11. Uccellessa