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Lumignano Climbing Area | Berici Hills

Guida di Arampicata Lumignano



The largest and best developed climbing area in the Vicenza Province is Lumignano, it is located above the town of Lumignano, a small village south of Vicenza and located in the Berici Hills. The numerous cliffs in the valley have been a major climbing destination since the early 1970. At one time Lumignano offered some of the hardest climbs in Italy and routes such as Orient Express, Atomic Cafe, and Arco d'Ora were top projects, on a lot of climbers tick list. Today with so many sites throughout Europe and the expansion of the difficulty rating Lumignano no longer host the hardest routes, but many individuals are surprised at the stiffness of the grades are in the older sectors. Lumignano offers a wide variety of climbs but is not the best area for first time climbers.

I first climbed in Lumignano in 1986 and found the routes to be challenging, the rock top quality, and the village of Lumignano a quite county village. Since that first experience the area has changed, the village has become a community of new subdivisions, there are lots of new sectors to climb, and the rock is very polished on many of the popular routes. However, the area still has a special appeal, the rating for the climbs have not changed and seem stiff compared to other sites in Europe. You can no longer climb in mid-day in July or August and expect to find a good grip and rock texture, and it is a bit more crowded in the town and area. However,there are still great routes to climb and just knowing the season and time of day there are plenty challenges. It is best to forget about grades and stuff and just climb for fun.



REGION Veneto Region
PROVINCE Vicenza Province
LOCATION Berici Hills
BEST TIME OF YEAR Climbing All Year
APPROACH TIME 10 minutes
ROCK limestone - red/grey pockets
HEIGHT 150 meters
4-8b (300+ routes)





Map to the Lumignano climbing area


  1. Classica Sector
  2. Brojon sector
  3. Eremo sector
  4. Sopra la Chiesa (Above the Church) sector
  5. Anfiteatro sector
  6. Piramide sector
  7. Minetti sector
  8. Fungala Sector
  9. Nuova Sector
  10. Brojon Strapiombi
  11. Americano Sector