Colli Euganei Monte Madonna

A great ride to add, to your Colli Euganei loop, when you are biking in Italy, is the Monte Madonna climb near Teolo. You can climb up to Teolo from two different directions;  Abano on the eastern slope or from on the western slope. Both climbs up to Teolo are manageable, with the Abano side being harder in % of grade, but to approach from the side you will need to do more miles to get there; unless you are traveling around by car. The best place to base yourself for the Colli Euganei is in Monterosso Terme or Monselice, Padova, or Vicenza.

I did the ride starting in Vicenza so I road on the side and a complete loop was 64 kilometers .


Start Point
Finish Point Mt. Madonna
Length 7.89 km
Elevation at start 39.4 meters
Elevation Max 522 meters
Elevation Gain 474 meters
Average % Grade 6.1%
Max. % Grade 15%


At the start of the bike climb up to Monte Madonna from Vò, you will find that first 4 kilometers up to Teolo are very manageable, there are only a couple of sections of 6%. The ride up to Teolo is in the woods and only the last km are you exposed to the heat on hot days.

As you arrive in Teolo you will see the peak to your left, it is the one with the two radio towers. (photo above).  In Teolo there is a small market and bar if you need a ristro stop, continue along the main road until the highest point.

At the highest point in Teolo, on the right side of the road, you will find a bar with a parking area and lookout.  Just·before you start to go·downhill toward Padova and Abano, you will notice on the left across from this bar, a side street that is sign posted for Santuario Monte Madonna. This is the road up to Monte Madonna, it is easy to miss and this route is often over looked for this reason and because of the difficulty. This is where the climbing really starts, but at least from this turn off it is just under 4 km to the top.  The first 800 are easy but·then you will hit sections averaging 12% and topping out at 15%.  If you cut the curves close you will get up to 18%-20% flashes on your GPS.

At around the 6 km mark you will come to a pasture and park area with signs, on the left side of the road, explaining history and trails to be found in the Colli Euganei park, on the right side of the road is a water point. (see photo). This is a welcome sight on a hot day if you are here in the summer. After the fountain you have about 100 meters of level ground and then the last 1 - 2 km will be a·steady 12% grade.

The finish point is at the parking lot and entrance to the church, on week days you can ride into the courtyard, on busy days they do not like you to ride within the church grounds.

Great climb up to this peak but be careful on the descent, there will be cars coming up to visit the church, and there can be washout in the curves if it has rained prior to your riding.  The road is in good shape but it is not cleaned weekly. Also keep in mind that a Compac with at least a 27 in the rear will be usefull and if you are riding the Colli Euganei and other hills in the are having a up to a 32X29, is very welcomed or a triple chain ring.

Make sure you add this great climb to your bike route if you are visiting Colli Euganei area. The history of the area is quite interesting and on a clear day you have some great views of the Adriatic Sea, Padova, and even the lagoon of Venezia.

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