Bike Tour Padova

Bike Touring Italy, Padova Province

The Padova Province is developing a lot of bike paths and routes. The city information center has developed several handouts of suggested routes. There, are some good routes suggested but the information is not developed for a non-Italian·visitor. The city itself has been designating bike routes, but they still have a long ways to go to be friendly and safe.

The Map below shows the better riding in the Padova province.

Bike Touring Italy, Padova Province


If you are planning a Padova and the Padova Province a good resource is the Padova in Bici website (available in five languages). This site includes five regional routes, the primary routes take you from Padova to Chioggia, Treviso, and Vicenza. A number of the routes have a downloadable gps file, but not all the files are accurate.

You can also download a map with the routes. This guide is in the same format as the Veneto road-book with the same excellent mapping. The mapping isn’t included in the download, the book is available from tourist offices or by emailing Turismo Padova.  As well as information about connections to the other cities in the Veneto Region, the Padova in Bici website also has information about routes within and around the city of Padova, following the network of waterways. 

Bike Touring the Padova Province of Italy