Ski Italy

Ski resorts in Italy the best destination in Europe, based on price, as it was notably cheaper than the other three main ski countries, such as France, Switzerland and Austria. Many Italian resorts now boast modern and fast lifts, advanced snow making and the scenery is splendid particularly so in the Dolomites. If we carried out a survey of our clients who ski in Italy I feel the number one reason they go would be the mountain restaurants, of which there are many, normally small and family run, and all now are smoke free.

The Italian approach to skiing is a relaxed and friendly one. Skiing is only a small part of the whole experience;

  • Food
  • Wine
  • Lunch and friends,
 - all equally important to the Italians.

The Italians don't take their skiing too seriously, late starts, long lunches and early finishes leaves the slopes clear for the rest of us. Many Italians only ski at weekends so during the week the slopes are generally quiet. This is particularly so for resorts close to the northern cities such as Cortina, Courmayeur and Madonna where the slopes can feel empty during the week.

The accommodations at Italian ski resorts are mainly in hotels. There is a limited selection of chalets that are always booked quickly, so early booking is recommended.

At Italian resorts it is now compulsory for all children under 14 to wear a crash helmet.