(Guide dell'Arrampicata Italia)

Rock Climbing Guide Italy

Italy really is Europe’s treasure box. It has it all! You name it, spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, idyllic islands, splendid cities with a wealth of culture, a perfect climate, amazing cuisine, and warm and friendly people. Plus it offers sun-drenched limestone and granite crags in glorious mountain and beach settings. A climbing trip here will be unforgettable!

Italy has quality climbing sites in each region, but many of the best equipped are found in the northern part of the country and on the islands. Italy is not as popular a destination as France, and most people will say it is because the grading system in Italy is a big harder.  Having climbed both I have to agree, if you are looking to bag routes based on grade head to France, but for great climbing on high quality limestone and granite Italy has attracted climbers from all over the world. There is boulder sites, short single-pitch routes, and major big-walls and alpine ascents to enjoy, and the climbing season is as varied as the landscape so you can always find a place that is in season.

I have started listing the climbing sites I have climbed at over the past 20 years. Some sights may no long be active but as I have time I will try to update the information. This guide is designed to get you started not replace guidebooks being produced by local climbers.  If you are visiting an area include the cost of a local guide into your travel budget, it helps the areas stay clean and bolted.