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Having ridden a road bike in the Italy for years, I find the Mountain bike lets me to explore a bit more off the beaten path and find some great hidden treasures of true Italy.  A unique environment, Italy has such wide and varied terrain. The North of the country is very mountainous, with the Alps to the East, the Dolomites to the West, and Apennine Mountains. The Alps are characterised by green meadows which climb right up to some of the highest peaks in the world. The Dolomites on the other hand are typically steep and rocky. With this in mind, the style of mountain bike tracks also varies from region to region.

In recent years many of the Dolomiti ski resorts have become very popular with downhill bikers, for those that still bounce well.  For some of us older riders the ski lifts have been adapted for caring bicycles to the top of the hills and you can choose to race back down again, or take one of the forest roads and supply trails for a wonderful ride around the mountain. The designated mountain bike trails in the Dolomite region do not vary much with weather conditions. The rock and gravel based surface drains well, leaving the tracks usable at all times. It is said that the distance you travel in your mountain bike adventure is not the focus or the height you gain but to instead it is to use the roads and trails to gain access to amazing summits to the some of the highest peaks in Europe.

In the Trento region, Lake Garda and its beautiful valley, Val di Gresta is well known for its mountain bike terrain and offers a perfect mix of Alpine and Dolomite. There are mellows as well as steep climbs, meaning there are also some great descents on offer! A typical mountain bike ride in the Trento region may take in anything from Vineyards to apple groves and monasteries to world war monuments! The views are spectacular, on a clear day one can witness an entire Alpine/Dolomite mountain range rolling out before their eyes. Trento is a very special region, very well visited by cyclists. Also to the east is Folgaria, Asiago, and then onto the Friuli Venezia each with unique attractions and old military roads and trails.

The whole North of Italy is famous for its cycling tradition. Countless riders, adventure bikers and racing champions alike have come from Italy. In commemoration of their great achievements, cycling events are run every weekend without fail!  All levels of ability are catered for, from beginner to advanced, road and off road! It’s all in the name of fun, regardless of how long or how far you go, once you’re out on the bike, having fun in the sun, nothing matters!


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