Golf Courses in Italy

Although you may not automatically think of golf when you think of Italy, there are many 9- and 18-hole courses around the country, particularly in the north, where there’s more flat land available.

As in most European countries, golf is generally a sport for the wealthy, and it hasn’t caught on with the masses despite the best efforts of Constantino Rocco and a number of other Italian professional players to popularise the sport.

Once it was necessary to join a club, many of which have long waiting lists, before you could play a round.  However, there are a number of public courses where anyone can play a round for a fee and some private clubs allow visitors (with a handicap card) to pay a ‘green fee’ for a round.

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the course and use good manners, there are on open beer or collar-less shirt greens in Italy.


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