Riding the bicycle in Italy means climbing and enjoying the contours of the land. Within the Colli Berici are multiple numbers of climbs you can link together for a great challenge, to get to one hidden town to another, or to train for the mountains that are only 50 km away, or just.  When the weather starts to change and upper elevations start to close due to snow or in early season before the melts, there are plenty of variations to ride that will help you find the form without resorting to a set of rollers all winter. 

ROUTE NOTES FOR THE Lapio Climb - from Lago di Fimon

Bike Tour Itaiy, Lapio map

REGION Veneto Region
PROVINCE Vicenza Province
HILLS/COLLI Berici Hills
START POINT Lago di Fimon
LENGTH 1.2 km
START ELEVATION 14 meters a.s.l.
MAXIMUM ELEVATION 164 meters a.s.l.


Bike Tour Italy, Vicenza Province

The Lapio Climb from Lago di Fimon is only 2 km in length, but it presents a steep wall that will challenge you and most local rides do not do this climb often, when I invited some guys, I had linked up with on a ride, to join me they were quick to say 'no grazie'.  As soon as you turn off the lower road you understand why.  The road

I find many of the short climbs like this a challenge due to not having time to get your rhythm and setting in for the long haul.   The route starts just before you arrive to Lago di Fimon, you will pass a sign posting for Lapio prior to this climb but that is the Lapio "normal" route and the main road, this small road is not used often but be aware of cars.


The first 500-800 meters are 15% average and my computer hit 18% a couple of times.  The road is in kept in good shape but there is usually a bit of wash out along the sides so be sure to be careful if a car does come pass.  After 800 meters there is a short break and then you are into the heart of the climb.  My computer stayed steady at 15% and jumped up to 20% for about 15 meters. You know you are almost done when you see the Lapio community sign. 


After the Lapio sign and curve there is another right hand curve with a really steep inside corner, there is also a water grate in the curve so be careful when crossing. Right after this curve the climb is down to 2-3% for about 200 meters until the road intersects with the primary road leading up to Lapio.


Vicenza can be reached by Train for Venezia, Padova, and Verona. The ride from the train station to the base of the climb is approximately 7 km.

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