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Italy is one of the most bike-friendly countries in the world, it should be since half the Bike Industry is located in the country.  The USA has baseball, football, and basketball while Italy has soccer, cycling, and motor sports (and a mixture of other outdoor recreation activities). Any given day throughout Italy there are cycling events, individuals out training or just using the bicycle as a primary means of transportation.  Combine this passion for the bicycle with the diverse historical and cultural diversity, of the Italian Regions, you have a perfect destination for your active vacation.  

In this section you will find suggested bike touring vacations.  Great rides for every level of cyclist that I have conducted thought the years.  If you need additional information or find a program you would like organized for your private group click the photo below. 


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The bike touring season in Italy can start as early as April and finishes in late October.  When planning your bike tour, you need to understand the climate of the region you wish to visit and the tourist flow.

Examples are: riding the Italian Dolomites, you can ride as early as May but you could still find snow in the passes or be snowed on and there are fewer hotels open since this is the off season.  However, if you are an avid rider you will find many of the classic climbs traffic free and save on hotel costs.

Where as the Sicily Region it is best to ride during April and May, or in the fall late September and early November, outside these times you have the heat and beach tourism to deal with.  Any earlier or later you have rain storms and rough seas to contend with, and the road structure is not the best for riding.

Check out each region guide to find the best time to ride.


Veneto Region and Old Venice Republic Bike Tour, Northern Italy

Lake Garda to Venice Bike Tour, Veneto Region

Venice to Trieste Bike Tour, Northern Italy

Bike Tour Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Region of Italy

Bike Tour Venice and the Veneto Region of Italy



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