Exploring Naples Italy

Exploring Naples, Italy

Naples is widely known as a popular holiday destination, so life doesn’t stop here day and night, and there are always so many visitors in this place at any time of a year. Many people call Naples the capital of art and architecture because of a huge number of museums and historical monuments.

The National Museum, which was founded in the 18th century, is the most famous cultural facility of the city. It exhibits a large collection of ancient art items. The first floor of the museum is entirely devoted to sculpture, and the second one features beautiful paintings and mosaics.

The central part of the city is the location of Piazza del Plebiscito Square. Here is located St. Francis Cathedral. It was founded in the honor of the fall of Napoleon and is considered one of the most important sacred places of Italy. You will also find another important architectural place of interest nearby - the Royal Palace, which construction was finished in 1600. Castel dell'Ovo Castle founded by the Romans is another notable architectural site of this city. Today the castle stores the exhibition of the Museum of Ancient History and a large collection of archaeological findings.


Exploration of local landmarks and sights will turn into an unforgettable experience as the city of Naples and its suburbs count inestimable architectural landmarks and monuments as well as remarkable historical objects in hundreds. A perfect landmark of the Renaissance epoch is the Cuomo Palace (Palazzo Cuomo). Its construction was started in the 1464 and lasted for 26 years. At present the palace hosts the Filangiere Museum displaying an assortment of antique arms, art objects and porcelain and enamel wares.

The San Giorgio Maggiore church stands next to the palace. The church is among most significant religious landmarks of the city. The first religious building on its place was erected as far back as in the 5th century. In the 17th century the church was totally reconstructed and since that time the building has not survived any scale renovation.

The ancient Camaldoli Monastery is a must visit place for the city guests. The monastery was established in the 16th century and is located on a high hill. The territory of the monastery features several spacious well equipped observation terraces performing a vibrant view over the city.

Another important historical landmark is the Cappella dei Sansevero. The chapel was built in 1590 and served as funeral chapel for the members of Sangro family. In the 18th century the chapel was reconstructed and renovated and today it is one of the most interesting museums of the city displaying a collection of religious statues.

Napoli attractions & nightlife

Naples will be of great interest and pleasure for open air leisure enthusiasts and for those tourists who can not imagine any vacation without visiting scenic natural attractions. The Naples National Archeological Museum will be of great interest for each and every traveler. The museum was established in the 18th century. It keeps one of the richest archeological collections in Italy. A part of the collection consists of the articles discovered during the dig of Pompeii and other Ancient Rome cities. Dramatic art admirers will also find numerous spots of interest in Naples.

Several times per month the San Carlo Theater holds exciting first nights. The theater is among the largest and most significant theaters in Europe. It amazes the visitors with its unique inimitable atmosphere. Among other objects of tourist attraction the Neapolitan bay is worth mentioning which is a favorite place of hiking and open air leisure enthusiasts. The Monte Oliveto Street is a concentration of architectural landmarks and sights. Majestic palaces and marvelous residences are set there at every turn. A significant symbol of the city of Naples is the Duomo di San Gennaro named after its main


  • The heat of the tourist season falls within summer months. That is the reason for tourists wishing to visit Naples in summer to take care of hotel booking in advance. The hottest months of the year are considered to be July and August. The most favorable season for a vacation rich in tours and excursions is late spring.
  • The main means of public transportation in the city of Naples is a bus. Almost all bus routes run through the Garibaldi square. The square hosts the main tourist information center where one can specify the bus table.
  • The city is as well convenient for cruising by tram. One can buy a UnicoNapoli ticket being the single type of tickets for all public transportation means in Naples. A cost of a usual ticket is about 1 Euro and it is valid within an hour and a half. Prudent tourists may buy special travel passes covering a few days or weeks of trips as these tickets let sufficiently save costs.
  • Travelers giving preference to a taxi cruising of the city should better call a taxi by phone or take a car from special taxi parking lots which are located in close vicinity to all significant landmarks and entertaining centers. On holidays and weekends from 22. 00 till 7.00 a taxi service will cost a bit more than usually.
  • Major part of spots of tourist attraction is located in the historical part of the city which is better to be explored on foot as in this case travelers will have a chance to fully embrace the majesty of the historical landmarks of Naples. Some streets of the historical area of the city are banned for city transport and cars.
  • Numerous rental centers of Naples offer various cars for rent. To rent a car one will need international driving license and international credit card with enough limit to cover the rent. The highest rates are offered in rental centers located in close vicinity to the hotel or directly on the hotel premises.
  • Payments in shops, restaurants and cafes should be made in national currency only as any other currency of the world may not be accepted. The currency should better be changed before a journey as in this case one will find the most profitable exchange rates. Exchanging the currency in Naples, one should give preference to banks as private currency exchange offices will charge large transaction fees.
  • Gastronomy tourism fans should pay special attention to local pizza houses which are justly considered to be the best ones in Italy. All the restaurants and cafes welcome tips. A cash reward of 10 – 15% of total bill will be quite enough.


Gastronomy diversity of Naples will impress the fans of Italian cuisine. Attractive restaurants and pizza houses are located in all city districts. One of the most attractive gastronomy establishments of the city is the Starita pizza house greeting its guests day and night. A cost of an excellent pizza will not exceed 20Euro. The cozy pizza restaurant will turn to a perfect place for a family visit. Pot pizza with mozzarella is one of the main specialities regular customers of the house give preference to. It is hard to resist its tempting flavor and taste.

Sometimes the restaurant will also treat its guests with speciality pizza and will offer a great choice of traditional Italian dishes as well. If necessary its guests can order to-go dishes. Among budgetary eating houses the Antico Forno delle Sfogliatelle Calde Fratelli Attanasio restaurant is best worth noticing. Its ambient hall decorated in modern style can comfortably set up to a hundred guests at once.

In the daytime the restaurant is filled with visitors with kids who love speciality sandwiches and refreshing drinks of the eating house. In the evenings the restaurant attracts many local people, that is why a table should be reserved in advance. One of the most romantic gastronomy establishments of the city is considered to be the Tartufi che passione restaurant offering truffle as its main speciality.

In the evening the restaurant sinks in amiable informal atmosphere which is added with nice live music. The pleasure of the visit will be enhanced with speciality culinary masterpieces of the local chefs. Ice cream and sweets addicts can not leave the Gay Odin café out of sight as it features a vast choice of desserts and refreshing drinks. Among upscale establishments the Napoli Mia restaurant specializing in ethnic cuisine is best worth mentioning.

The dishes served in the restaurant feature not only excellent execution and quality but an original artistic design. The Napoli Mia offers an excellent choice of desserts on the menu. The restaurant possesses a perfect wine list. The Sorbillo restaurant offers a vast choice of traditional dishes of European cuisine apart from Italian treats and Neapolitan pizza. The restaurant will be of great interest and pleasure as for sea foods admirers so for meat dishes fans. Sea foods admirers will love the Palazzo Petrucci restaurant which offers the most incredible chef’s specialities on the menu. A major part of speciality treats of the restaurant is prepared of sea foods.

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