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Montello – the “little mountain” – is without any doubt a truly special place The landscape and environmental features of this hill are unlike those of the surrounding area, shaped like a loaf of bread it easily stands out.

There is a lot of ways to discover the area within the 35 km perimeter of the Montello natural park. Caving enthusiasts can take a trip with expert guides to see some of the 91 registered caves, some of which played a key role as trenches during the Great War. Other historical sites from the Great War are marked by monuments, memorials and plaques. These include the imposing Ossuary in Nervesa della Battaglia, which is home to the Great War museum, the Francesco Baracca monument, the King’s Observation Post, the British Military Cemetery and the ruins of Sant’Eustachio Abbey.

The shape of the hill, the network of roads and the magnificent views of the valley make it an ideal location for a number of sporting activities. The area is particularly well equipped for cycling, mountain biking and hiking. There are routes to satisfy all requirements, from more demanding ones for experts to more relaxing ones for amateurs. There are also riding schools and even a golf course. After a day of sport, visitors can treat themselves to a well deserved meal in one of Montello’s characteristic rustic restaurants.

Roads known as “prese” climb up Montello. They are numbered from 1 to 21 and run through the area in a north-south direction, while the Strada Dorsale (Ridge Road) crosses the entire hill from east to west and the Stradon del Bosco (Wood Road) follows its southern boundary.


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