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Asolo Italy

Asolo is a small town located in the Treviso Province of the Veneto Region, in northeastern Italy. Asolo s known by several names like "The city of a Hundred Horizons" because of its beautiful location. Originally the town had been settled by the Veneti and in the early Middle Ages it was under the possession of the Ezzelino family. Asolo was under the possession of the Republic of Venice from 1300 - 1700 and the famous Asolo Theater was built during in 1798 by Antonio Locatelli.

Carducci defined it as "the city of a hundred horizons" because of the beauty of its surrounding landscape, the same that Giorgione reproduced several times in his canvases. A charming medieval village nestled in the hills of Treviso; Asolo was a magnificent Renaissance court at the time of Caterina Cornaro. The town of Treviso was deeply loved by two other great women: the actress Eleonora Duse, also known as the "Divine" and the English writer and explorer, Freya Stark. Both lived in Asolo and are buried in the cemetery of Sant'Anna.

Strolling through the winding and quiet alleys, tourists will find subtle traces of the distinguished guests who appreciated its inspiration, such as the English poet Robert Browning, Pietro Bembo, one of the most famous scholars of the sixteenth century and the musician Gian Francesco Malipiero, who found inspiration for some of his compositions.

Asolo is also famous as the birth place of actress Elenora Duse, Robert Browning who was a famous English poet, Wilma Neruda the violinist, Gian Francesco Malipiero and Freya Stark who was a famous explorer.

Getting to Asolo

Asolo is located quite close to the city of Treviso so getting down to the town is not very difficult. Treviso is well connected to most destinations in Italy so visitors can easily reach Treviso from other parts of Italy and then travel to Asolo. Buses depart every few hours from Treviso from the main bus station for Asolo. The state buses are also quite comfortable and the tickets are not very expensive. Tickets are easily available at most train stations. Visitors can also easily drive down to Asolo from Treviso since it is located quite close to Asolo.

Asolo, Treviso Province



  1. Piazza Garibaldi
  2. Cattedrale
  3. Palazzo della Loggia
  4. Villa Freya
  5. Castello della Regina
  6. Casa Duse
  7. Villa Contarini
  8. Casa Longabardo
  9. Rocca
  10. Cimitero di Sant'Anna
  11. Chiesetta di Santa Caterine d'Alessandria
  12. Convento dei SS. Pietro e Paolo
  13. Chiesa di San Gottardo


  • Al Sole, via Callegia 33, tel 0423951332
  • Villa Cipriani, via Canova 298, 0423523411


  • Ca Dertan, Piazza G D'Annunzio 11, tel 0423529648
  • Ai Due Archi, via Roma 55, tel 0423952201

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