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Monte Grappa is located in the Veneto region of Italy and offers some of Europe's hardest bike climbs. For many Italian cyclist Monte Grappa is considered, one of the most beautiful and challenging climbs in Italy, its length and percentage of grade on the old military roads, make it a challenging climb from any side you tackle. Many people train all year just to bike one of the varied routes to reach the summit, without putting a foot down.

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The "classic" route is the "road Cadorna", built during WWI and named after the commanding General, to bring supplies and troops to the summit of the massif. The road starts in the center of the town of Ezzelino Romano and runs for 27 km to reach the top. The hardest parts are the initial (8 km) and the final, while the intermediate section also has 3 km of false flats.

Ascents are also possible from various sides of the Mt. Grappa, from all three provinces VicenzaBelluno, and Treviso, that share the massif. From the Belluno Province you can go from Caupo or the Valley of Seren. Moving towards the eastern side of the mountain meet the ascent of Semonzo and a series of roads that lead into "malga roads" of Grappa, a very scenic road: you can go from San Liberal (Watchtower-Archeson), from Possagno (via degli Alpini extremely hard), or by Monte Tomba,·Cavaso coming from the tomb, from Pederobba (Monfenera) or Alano di Piave. There are also numerous opportunities for off road mountain biking with routes of varying difficulty, height and length of military roads, now forest and trails.

The Monte Grappa climb was used in the Giro d'Itala several times in the seventies and eighties with two mountain top finishes. In 2010, the Giro returned to Monte Grappa during the 14th stage from Ferrara to Asolo, the gruppetto did not reach the summit but classic route up from Semonza.  Every year in July takes place the classic race for amateurs Bassano/Monte Grappa. Among the historical list of winners you will find, Gino Bartali (1934), Gilberto Simoni and Damiano Cunego.

Each year a non-profit group offers bicycle rides a chance to earn a medallion for riding various numbers of the slopes throughout the year.  The idea is for you register and then you have your climbing sheet stamped at designated locations you can earn your prize.· The only draw back for non locals is that the prizes are awarded at the end of year.

The 10 recognized Road Bike Routes up Monte Grappa: some of the hardest bicycle climbs in Italy

1 - Bike Monte Grappa From Romano d'Ezzelino (VI)- Stamp is at Osteria PEDROCCHI - the "Cadorna" road - Km 27 - Slope med. 6% - 10% max
The Cadorna Road was built during World War 1 (1916), later after the war, it was made a national symbol of Italy.

2 - Bike Monte Grappa From Semonzo of Borso del Grappa (TV)- Stamp at Locanda TILLY's -Called the 'Giardino Road' (strada Giardino) - 20 km - Slope med. 8% - max 14%
Built in 1918 for General Giardino, Commander of the Grappa Army Group and was originally 5.50 meters wide and was used as an alternative to move troops and supplies quickly to the front. The strada Giardino was built because the Cadorna road was exposed to enemy fire at some points.

3 - Bike Monte Grappa From Fietta in Paderno del Grappa (TV)- Stamp at Osteria HOCH HOLLE - Path of the "Watchtower" (Vedetta) - Km 22 - Slope med. 10% - 18% max
Old path, converted into a road during the Great War, it is now totally paved.

4 - Bike Monte Grappa From POSSAGNO (TV)- Stamp at Osteria FROM ICO - Road "of the Italian Mountain Troops" (strada degli Alpini) - Km 22 - Slope med. 10% - max. 18%
Strategic military road, was named in memory of the troop that built it through hard work and sweat.

5 - Bike Monte Grappa From CAVASO del TOMBA (TV)- Stamp at the Bar Pizzeria Tennis BASSO - Road "Tomb of the Mount" (strada del Monte Tomba) - Km 23 - Slope med. 10% - 14% max
A classic way to climb from the plains over Mount Tomba to reach the top of Monte Grappa.

6 - Bike Monte Grappa From PEDEROBBA (TV) - Stamp at the Bar KIKKO - Road "Monfenera" - Km 25 - Slope med. 7% - 15% max
Almost constantly immersed in the green woods of beech or pine, is a classic ascent of Grappa.

7 - Bike Monte Grappa From Alano di Piave (TV)- Stamp at·Caffè SPERANZA (Coffee of HOPE) - Street "del Grappa" - Km 22 - Slope med. 10% - 12% max
A nice variation to climb the Monte Grappa Top tomb, crossing the previous four routes

8 - Bike Monte Grappa From Seren del Grappa (BL)- Stamp at the Bar VITOCCO - Road "New Church" (strada Chiesa Nuova) - Km 23 - Slope med. 7% - 20% max
After the first ramp, a short break as you pass· the village of New Church, then it is tough climb all the way to the top.

9 - Bike Monte Grappa From Caupo of Seren del Grappa (BL) - Stamp all'Hostaria AL MENTA - Road "Cadorna" - Km 28 - Slope med. 6% - 12% max
Northern section of the classic road the crosses Monte Grappa, the Feltre to Bassano del Grappa link and vice versa.

10 - Bike Monte Grappa From Cismon del Grappa (VI)- Stamping to the National Bar - Road "Col dei Prai" - Km 26 - Slope med. 8% - 20% max
This route is two old forest and pastoral roads, that is closed to motorized transit, departing from St. Laurent Street just north of downtown Cismon del Grappa that was paved for the first time this year (2011). They are linked by two sections - one 200 and one of 600 meters - of dirt road between 12th and 14th km. This route links up with the Cadorna road from Seren del Grappa as it passes through Forcelletto.

ARRIVAL (all climbs) and finish stamp for all routes are Cima Grappa - Bassano Refuge
Via Madonna del Covolo, 161 - Crespano del Grappa (TV). Note that some routes finish point is at the intersection with the main route up so you may have 3-4 km of extra biking to do to reach the summit.

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