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Situated on the Eastern bank of Lake Garda, Brenzone is a town with Roman origins and has sixteen hamlets. Castelletto, Magugnano, Porto and Assenza are the largest towns overlooking the lake. These areas have kept the urban layout typical of fishing villages around a port.

The economy of Brenzone was once supported by small fisheries but today tourism is the lake's main resource. In fact, this splendid town on the Riviera of Olives has hotels, residential hotels, and camp sites as well as numerous restaurants where it is possible to enjoy delicious fresh water fish.

In land area of a few kilometres Brenzone goes from the banks of the lake to the two thousand meters of Mount Baldo, offering various Hiking and Mountain Bike trails. The crystal clear waters of Lake Garda and the constant winds of Brenzone also make the place ideal for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing.

Brenzone is famous for the production of fine PDO (protected designation of origin) extra virgin olive oil.

Other interesting places to visit including the Roman Church of Saint Zenobius (San Zeno) at Castelletto, the chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas in the hamlet of Assenza, the charming uninhabited medieval quarter of Campo, while traces of ancient castles are still visible in Campo and Biasa.

There is great biking all around Lake Garda with the base of one of Italy's hardest road bike climb's called Punto Veleno

There is hiking above the town on Mt. Baldo and a couple of climbing sites in the hills.

Things To See

  • Antico Borgo di Campo (Stone Village)
  • Chiesa di San Nicola
  • Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli
  • Chiesa di San Antonio Abate
  • Chiesa di San Zeno
  • Oleificio (Oil Mill)
  • Museo Etnografico


  • Tuesday's

Tourist Office - via Zanardelli, 38 - Frazione Porto - tel. 045/7430076


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