Quick Overview

  • DISTANCE - 185 km
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL - Easy to medium

In the Veneto Region, the numerous bicycle paths allow cyclists to be in contact with art, culture, gastronomy and natural wonders travelling almost exclusively by bike.

The itinerary, which extends fromLake Garda to Venice, offers a panoramic view of the rich history and tradition of the provinces of Verona,Vicenza, Padua and Venice. Departing from Pescheria di Garda, a historical town on the lake, in the province of Verona, the path connects different bike courses along the natural paths of the Adige and Brenta rivers leading to the Venetian mainland.

The bike path of the Adige River, which ends in Verona, is rich in examples of the Veronese Romanesque art, and crosses through the areas where the fine wines Bardolino and Valpolicella are produced. On the stretch that connects to Vicenza, the splendid Palladian villas narrate the stories of ancient nobility. From here the bicycle path along the Berica Riveria leads to Padua, home of the innovative artists Giotto and Mantegna, and then re-departs towards Venice, retracing along the ancient Burchiello road. It finally arrives in Mestre (Venice), where cyclists can replace bikes with public transportation and reach Venice.

Where You Are Riding:

Enjoy riding along bike paths and secondary roads, the terrain is rolling hills in the first 2 days, with one 4.5 km climb, in the Berici hills.  The remaining route is flat all the way to Venice. 

Planning Your Bike Tour

This can be done as Self-Guided or Guided cost depends on time of travel and hotel selection

When: The best time to ride this route is April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. 

Maps: The Italian Touring Club map Veneto Region has all the roads you would travel.  Stopping at Tourist office you will find various local information.  This route is signposted as a regional route from Garda to Venice.

Getting To/From Ride

Pescheria del Garda (start) - Located just west of Verona Pescheria del Garda can be reached easily by train from Venice, Milano, and Roma.  Or select to fly into Verona airport.

Venice (finish) - From Venice you can depart easily.


Day 1 Lake Grada to Verona - 53 km

The first day of riding is a wonderful route along the eastern shores of Lake Garda and then over to the city of Verona. 

Day 2 Verona to Vicenza - 63 kms

The second part of the bike tour starts from Juliet's house and heads south to connect with the Adige river. 

Day 3 Vicenza to Padova 45 km

After a visit of Vicenza your path today takes you along the Riveria Berica bike path then onto secondary roads over to Padova. 

Day 4 Padua to Venice 40 km

After your visit of Padua, the 'City of the Saint', it is time to finish the journey to Venice.

This program can be extended by staying an extra night in any of the cities and riding a loop route. Recommended is an extra night in Vicenza and riding north to Marostica or riding the Riveria Brenta Bike Path south to Novento Vicentino.

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