General Overview:

Differential diagnosis of non-traumatic chest pain is challenging.  Therefore any patient exhibiting signs and symptoms of chest pain that cannot be attributed to a non-cardiac origin, should be managed as if the origin is cardiac.  Younger people may complain of rapid uncontrolled heart rate without chest pain.

Treatment for Cardiac Emergencies:

  1. Reduce anxiety and activity.  Place patient in a position of comfort.  Avoid walking if possible.
  2. Administer high-flow/high-concentration oxygen, if available.
  3. Assist patient with administration of his or her nitroglycerin, 0.4mg SL spray or tablet, may be repeated every 5 minutes for a total of three doses if the systolic BP remains above 90mmHg.  
  4. Administer one-half adult aspirin (160mg) or two baby aspirin (8lmg each) every 24 hours.

Evacuation Guidelines for Cardiac Emergencies:

Evacuate Rapidly:

  • Any patient with chest pain that does not relieve within 20 minutes.


  • Any patient with non-traumatic chest pain that subsided with rest or medication.
  • Any patient with sustained periods of rapid heart rate.


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