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Hiking Monte Ortigara's WW1 Battleground | Altopiano Asiago

Altopiano Asiago's Monte Ortigara

Hiking Monte Ortigara's WW1 battlegrounds is a great 1 day hike to explore if you are traveling in the Vicenza Province or you are looking for a side trip during your stay in Venice.

To explore the history and development of Italy hiking on the Altopiano of Asiago present you the Italian picture of it's involvement in the First World War. At Monte Ortigara one of the most tragic battles of this conflict took place and was fought between 10 and 29 June 1917 which saw 400 thousand soldiers employed. On top of the main peak is a column was cut off in memory of the 20 thousand fallen, bearing the inscription "Not to forget". All along the route there are the old war trenches that testify to the atrocities that took place in these mountains, just think that before the bombings the top of Mount Ortigara was 8 meters higher. Also as you are walking in the peace and solitude of the area could you endure three to four years of fighting thoughtout the seasons in this place where tactics were frontal charges with a mass of men.

Trail Notes

Region Veneto Region
Province Vicenza Province
Mountain Group Asiago Altopiano | Prealps
Closest Town
Gallio | Vicenza Province
Trail Head Piazzale Lozze 1770 meters
Recommended Period May through Oct
Elevation Gain 600 meters
Highest Elevation Cima Caldiera 2134
Time of March 5 hours
Trail Marking Good
Difficulty Easy
Logistic Points
  • Rifugio Checchin
  • Tobacco 1:2500 #50
Special Notes
  • Have a flashlight is you wish to explore the positions
  • Do not pick up anything.
  • Do not move rocks


  • We will not Forget

  • Observation Point Torino

  • Chiesetta del Lozze

  • Trenches Italian

  • Cima Caldiera, Italian Front

  • Austrian Monument

  • Cima Caldiera cross

  • Monte Ortigara Trail

  • View of Valsugana

  • Austrian Positions

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