Tips For Planning You Next Italian Adventure

Italy may not be a large country, but there is so much to do and see, that it is impossible to discover in one or two weeks. This is perhaps "stating the obvious" but, you should  narrow down your interest and places to visit prior to making and plans, and then gather as much travel information as you can. The following are some travel tips that are applicable to the whole country that will make your vacation less stressful and more fun.

Explore the Regions of Italy

First Things to Consider in Planning Your Trip

FIRST STEP IS TO GET A GOOD MAP AND MARK OUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE AND DO Even if you’re let's just go and worry about everything later, kind of traveler, there are probably some things you want to think about and/or take care of before you leave home and head for Italy. Basic Travel Information for Italy When to Visit Italy January Travel In Italy February Travel in Italy March Travel in Italy June Travel in Italy Traveling to Italy in July December Travel in Italy

Second Step to Planning Transportation

GETTING TO AND GETTING AROUND IN ITALY As you Plan your adventure and now you know what you want to see and do you need to understand how to get there and how much it will cost.  This is where you can either save a lot or end up with lots of hidden cost.  Check out each section below and then make you decisions. Flying to Italy - Planning your vacation to Italy, tips on selecting your airline tickets. Driving In Italy - Driving is an option but if you are only visiting the major cities public transportation is better. Travel by Train in Italy - How to use the train while in Italy. Using Buses in Italy - Tips on using buses in Italy. Travel by Boat in Italy - Tips on using boat services in Italy

Next is to figure out where to Stay and Eating|Drink

This phase of planning is fairly easy with all the online booking sites, but there are plenty of pitfalls as well.  A good deal on a hotel might seem a great choice but does it really save you money.  If the hotel is 2 miles out of town how will you get to and from, also time lost is also a big expense during travel. Selecting Accomodations for Your Italian Adventure

Fouth Step Make Your Budget

  Italy is still a reasonable county to travel in for cost. But you must know how and where to spend your money.  The main tourist area's like Roma, Florence, and Venice are 300% more expensive then anywhere else.  A good rule to follow is that if it is listed in a popular guidebook it is already over priced and likely over crowded.  This does not mean you should not visit but there are always alternatives. Check out some of our local tips in the guide sections. Budgeting for Your Italian AdventureDealing with Money, How to Pay for Things When Traveling in Italy  

Final Step Is to Start Booking

There are things to book ahead of time and things you can adjust and book even a couple of days prior or day of travel.  I always propose a flexible travel plan, one because you might want to stay somewhere for 2 to 3 days but weather, crowds, and lack of interest may make you wish to cut your time short.  If you prep enough you can make adjustments along the way and get the most out of your tip.

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