Bike Touring Routes In The Veneto Region

bike touring routes in the veneto region

veneto region map

There are multipule sign posted routes to explore when you visit the Veneto Region of Italy.  Listed below there are some of the routes we have explored.

Bike Touring the Veneto Region of Italy

Vicenza Province Bike Climbs

Bike Touring Verona - Peschiera del Garda to Malcesina

Alvisano bike climb from San Giovanni Ilarione

Albero Matto climb from Arso

Agugliana Climb from Montorso Vicentino

Bike Touring Passo Campogrosso from Recoaro Terme Climb | Vicenza

Passo Tre Croci from Cortina d'Ampezzo Bike Climb

Passo Valles from Falcade Alto Bike Climb

Passo Valles from Falcade Alto Bike Climb

Bike Touring Passo Zovo from Novale Climb | Vicenza

Bike Touring Passo Zovo from Schio Bike Climb | Vicenza

Bike Touring Route Vicenza to Bassano del Grappa | Bike Touring the Veneto Region

Bike Touring Route Padova to Venice | Bike Touring the Veneto Region

Bike Touring Route Vicenza to Padova | Bike Touring the Veneto Region

Bike Touring from Lake Garda to Verona | Verona

Bike Touring From Vicenza to Cittadella | Veneto

Bike Touring the Prosecco Wine Roads Treviso Province

Bike Touring Anello del Grappa (Ride Around Monte Grappa) | Veneto

Bike Touring Palladio's Landscapes E7 Route | Vicenza

Bike Touring Lake Garda to Mantua Path | Verona

Bike Touring The Venetian Islands | Venice Province

Bike Touring Donzella Ring (E-3) Path | Venice Province

Bike Touring The Sile River Path | Treviso Province

Bike Touring The Anello dei Colli Euganei Route

Bike Touring From Cortina to Cadore Path | Belluno Province

Bike Touring The Lapio Bike Climb | Colli Berici

Bike Touring The Colli Berici Wine Road | Vicenza

Bike Touring the Brenta Canal Route #1 | Venice

Gambellara Wine Road Bike Tour

Bike Touring From Asolo to Castelfranco | Treviso

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bike touring dolomites

Veneto Region,, Bike Touring,

Agugliana Climb from Montorso Vicentino


Agugliana climb from Montorso Vicentino

Nice climb in the Berici Hills south of the city of Vicenza


  • REGION: Veneto Region
  • PROVINCE: Vicenza Province
  • START: Montorso Vicentino
  • FINISH: Agugliano
  • MOUNTAIN GROUP: Berici Hills
  • ELEVATION START: 112 meters
  • ELEVATION FINISH: 320 meters
  • ELEVATION GAIN: 208 meters
  • MAX GRADE: 20%
  • LENGTH: 3.95 km

Bike Climbs,, Vicenza Province,, Berici Hills,

Albero Matto climb from Arso



  • REGION: Veneto Region
  • PROVINCE: Vicenza Province
  • START: Arso
  • FINISH: Albero Matto
  • LENGTH: 4.8 km
  • ELEVATION START: 205 meters
  • ELEVATION FINISH: 370 meters
  • ELEVATION GAIN: 379 meters

Bike Climbs,, Vicenza Province,

Travel Guide to Venice and the Veneto Region

Bike Tour Veneto Region

Bike Touring Veneto Region

The Veneto region of northern Italy offers a tremendous amount and variety of bicycle activities. The Veneto region is part of the historical center of cycling Italy, with a large percentage of bicycle manufacture and accessories being located in the region, as well as many classic races are hosted in the region. Over the last couple years the region is making efforts to increase the urban friendliness to bicycles, which opens more options to explore the cultural attractions via bicycle.

TOP REASONS TO RIDE THE VENETO: 80% of the bicycle industry is located in the Veneto Riding classic climbs in the Italian Dolomites Visiting Venezia, Verona, Vicenza, Padova, and Treviso
 Riding the wine roads of the Region Prealps of Monte Grappa and Asiago. 

Top Bike Rides in the Veneto Region

The Bike is one of the best ways to see the Veneto Region. There are a flats, hills, and classic climbs to explore and routes for all level of cyclist. With so much history scattered through out the Region there is something to and see explore every 10-15 km.  Or you could challenge yourself on some of Europes hardest bike climbs and at the end of the day relax with a glass of wine in a walled city for the 1500's. There are vacation options for all budgets and group levels, this is especially a good area for mixed level groups.

Bike Routes of the Veneto

Provinces of the Region

Vencie Province

Vicenza Province

Verona Province

Treviso Province

Belluno Province

Padua Province

Rovigo Province

Physcial Profile of Region

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