Italiaoutdoors di Vernon McClure's Travel Style

Italiaoutdoors di Vernon McClure's Travel Style

When you are planning your vacation it is important to understand the way of thinking of the planner.

It is About Life, Style is an Option

I believe travel should be interesting, fun, intimate and an enriching experience, where one is confronted with new cultures, different languages, alternative ways of thinking, as well as splendid natural panoramas. All it takes for one to be propelled into the unfamiliar is a keen sense of curiosity, and an open and absorbent mind ready to question and understand, as well as to grow from a full-immersion experience. I also firmly believe that travel to a foreign country should be a safe, stress- and worry-free experience where one feels as comfortable and relaxed abroad as when travelling in one’s own hometown.

Integrity, Passion and Enthusiasm.

I do not sell any trips or destinations if I am not passionate about them, and I focus on the regions I know best. I envision how I would like to travel and the kind of journeys I would like to take, then with extreme curiosity, enthusiasm, spirit of adventure, spontaneity, and sense of challenge drives me to create and guide a memorable active vacation.

Quality and Authenticity.

Nowadays, quantity and generic products seem to be the norm. I opt to offer less in number, but more in careful design and attention to the smallest details in order to provide a signature vacation. I explore areas yet to receive the recognition in the main stream guidebooks, but like hidden shrines they house many unexpected and exquisite treasures. I research the distinct characteristics and unique activities available on every one of our trips in order to provide an authentic experience. Of course, I never ignore those “not to be missed” classic journeys, where you venture to see a world-renown site. But as I mentioned before once you have "been there and done that" we move on to discover the hidden nooks, local hangouts, and special significance of these less familiar places or the forgotten history that made a sight special, before great marketing.

Intimacy and Safety.

I like to travel in small groups of people, and I encourage private parties of family or friends. I find that this fosters an incredible sense of intimacy and camaraderie among the participants, and it facilitates contact with the local people in the places we visit. Any outside resource I utilize during our programs are professionals, well experienced and who love what they do. During our programs you will understand that I know the territory and never take chances or cut corners, keeping in mind at all times your well-being and safety.

Responsibility and Awareness.

Nowadays, you hear or read about eco-travel and green-travel everywhere but the best way to interact with a host country is to be a “Responsible Traveler”. Responsibility towards the environment as well as the local people we visit, their culture and their customs. Where possible, we opt for public transportation for our transfers, such as trains and buses. When it’s not logistically feasible, local private companies provide the service, but the use of vehicles is kept to the essential minimum. Hiking and trekking follows official trails or bike routes along local club riding routes and bike paths. Where possible, we utilize·hotels that respect energy-efficiency standards; we support local restaurants recognized by the Slow Food movement ( for their commitment to sustainable farming and agriculture; we purchase locally grown produce and locally produced delicacies.··

Lots of Fun.

I like to research and develop your trips. But, most of all, I enjoy the fun of exploring and helping you get to know the Italy that I have called home for over 20 years.

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