Valsugana bike Path, Bike Touring Italy

The Valsugana connects Trento with the Bassano della Grappa, and has been a nature migration route from the north to the Veneto plain for centuries.· Sections of the via Caludia Augusta Roman road runs through the valley.· The Valsugan bike route offers plenty to see along the route or utilize the route to move up and down the valley to ride some of the classic climbs.· There is a project to extend the route all the way down into Trento, from Tezza up toward Feltre following the Caludia Augusta route, and make a designated path all the way to Bassano della Grappa.·

Bike Tour Italy, Valsugana bike path


Signposts: Pista ciclabile Valsugana; Fahrradweg Valsugana (N° 2)

Eurovelo Route: Via Claudia Augusta (branch to Venice)

Estimated time: about 3 to 4 hours
Length: 72 km
Elevantion Gain: 290 m
Starting point: Valcanover / Calceranica al Lago at Lake Caldonazzo
Finish: Bassano del Grappa
Towns along route: Pergine, Calceranica, Caldonazzo, Levico, Novaledo, Borgo Valsugana, Ospedaletto, Grigno
Bike & train: regional trains with bicycle transport (limited spaces) parallels the railway line Trento - Venice (Valsugana train)


Bike tour Italy, Valsugana bike path

If you are staying in the Veneto you can reach Bassano della Grappa via train and from there start your ride.· There is a bike and train program that services the valley so if you want to ride the route downhill you can take the train up to Levico Terme and ride back to Bassano della Grappa.

As you ride down the valley you will follow the bike route with marked signpost. There are also designed 'Bici Bars' were you will find some basic tools and snacks.


The first section of the bike path is in a wide full of apple orchards as you follow the Brenta River,· you pass near Roncegno Terme, an old health spa area.· The largest town you will pass through is Borgo, which is the administrative center of the valley.· Borgo is a nice stop to visit the old center and perhaps a snack at one of the local bars.· Just after you weave through Borgo you will see Castello Telvana and Castello Ivano up on the hills.· Castello· Ivana is an interesting visit if you have never visited a castle in the Trentino.

After Borgo and Stringo the valley will start to narrow and just before Tezze you will reach the last of the 'Bici Bars'.

After Tezze you will pass through a narrow gorge and then the isolated path will end, as you leave the Trentino region and reenter the Veneto.

At the end of the path at Covolo there is a nice rustic place to grab a good meal of local Vicentino dishes.· From this point forward the bike route is on secondary roads which you will ride all the way down to Bassano della Grappa. When you are passing the town of Valstagna look out on the river for where they practice Olympic style kayaking and there is also the Grotta (cave) to visit. When you get to Solagna you will cross· start to see signs for Bassano della Grappa and you will want to look for signs to turn left to the ponte degli Alpini, the old wooden bridge crossing the Brenta.

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