Venice to Trieste Bike Tour, Northern Italy


Bike Tour the Adriatic Coast

The Friuli Venezia Region offers countless sites with a special charm just waiting to be discovered; Medieval fortress towns, Roman archaeological excavations, Italian Piazzas, and buildings embossed with Venetian influence will help any visitor forget time and pace, helping you relax. While on the one side, the Adriatic stretches calmly and silently, the Julian Alps rise majestically to the north. The tour follows the historical migration routes from the Balkans and middle Europe into Italy

  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Easy (plenty of extra loops after you reach your destination)
  • BEST TIME OF YEAR TO RIDE: Later April/Early May or Late September.  Warmer months make the routes crowded with beach traffic.  During the off season you will find very little open at most of the beach resort areas. 
  • TYPE OF BIKE: Road Bike or Hybrid


  • Venice and the surrounding islands
  • Carole
  • Grado
  • Beaches of the Adriatic
  • Portogruaro
  • Aquilea
  • Miramare castle
  • Trieste
  • Portoroz
  • The Carso
  • Istria

Day 1: Saturday - Arrival in Venice (Mestre)

Arrive at the hotel on the mainland where the tour will begin. For those arriving early Venice is just a short boat ride away.

Day 2: Sunday - Venice - Jesolo- Carole (37 miles/60 km)

Cycle through the backcountry following the river Sile to reach Jesolo and surroundings. The beaches of Cavallino seem endless, this strip of land north of the Venice lagoon, is lined with fishing boats and souvenir stalls on the sea side, and farmland on the inland. Before you leave Venice through the "backdoor," the opportunity exists for an excursion to the lighthouse at the outmost end of the island for a last view of the city and surrounding islands.

After Jesolo ride through the old Roman settlement of Ecorle and along the coast passing fishermen's cottages, until you reach Caorle a wonderful, small, seaside resort with a historical center. (Overnight Carole)

Day 3: Monday - Carole - Portogruaro (37 miles/59 km)

Leaving the sea for a while and heading in land, toward the horizon of the Julian Alps, you are riding through the lands between the Piave and Tagelmento Rivers. There is an extra loop that takes us over to where Ernest Hemingway was wounded in WW1.  Or head straight to Portogruaro.

During the period of the Venetian Republic, Portogruaro was regarded as a very important river harbour in the "Serenissima." Even today, there are those in Portogruaro who regard their city as the most Venetian. They are not entirely incorrect, when you look at the Venetian embellishments of the magnificent buildings and places. (Overnight Portoguaro)

Day 4: Tuesday - Portoguaro – Aquileia - Grado (37 miles/ 60 km)

Besides the beaches of the Adriatic, there is a lot to discover: ruins of former Roman cities, ancient churches and lonely landscapes on the edge of the lagoon. Wondering along various canals we will first reach Aquilia. Once a large city of the Roman Empire,and visit the excavations of Aquilia before making your way to the seaside resort town of Grado. (Overnight Grado)

Bike Tour Italy's Adriatic Coast

Day 5: Wednesday - Grado – Miramare - Trieste (33 miles/53 km)

Today's route continues through the Carso of Trieste once a barren landscape of rocky caverns, before returning to the sea and a coastline of unique beauty. Where the elevated plateaus plunge into the deep blue water and the white precipices stand upright jutting towards the heavens. The coastal road then follows through the towns of Duino, Sistiana, Miramare, and Barcola. Take time to visit the castle of Miramare above the Bay of Grignano. Trieste is where you will be spending the night. (Overnight Trieste)

Day 6: Thursday - Trieste – Portoroz  (19 miles/31km or 35 miles/56km)

After a short distance, you leave Italy to enter Slovenia. The route continues mostly on cycle paths through well-known seaside resorts like Koper (Capodistria) and Izola (Isola d' Istria), to Piran (Pirano) finally reaching Portoroz (Portorose), a spa resort on the Slovenian Riviera.

There is a more challenging route that takes you over and through the Rosandra Valley. A beautiful ride through the hills.

Day 7:  Friday - Portoroz – Porec - Protoroz (36 miles/59 km)

Cycling past the salt gardens of Secovlje where sea salt is recovered through natural vaporization, you cross over the border into Croatia. The route travels through the Croatian part of Istria, the largest peninsula on the Adriatic with its slightly hilly terrain on the way to Porec, the most important coastal city on the west coast of Istria. It is certainly worth a visit to Euphrasian-Basilica which has been taken up by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Day 8:  Saturday -Departure

Return by boat to Venice or a quick shuttle over to Trieste to catch a train back to Venice.

Bike Tour Italy's Adriatic Coast