Agro Pontino Climbing Area, Latina Province

Ai Falconi Rock Climbing Area, Verona Province

Andonno Rock Climbing Area, Cueno Province

Arco Climbing Area, Trento Province

Asfodeli Climbing Area, Parma Province


Bagnasco Climbing Area, Cuneo Province

Barbarano Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Bismantova Climbing Guide, Reggio Emilia Province


Camaiorese Climbing Area, Lucca Province

Castegnero Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Castelbianco Climbing Area, Savona Province

Castlevecchio Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Cava San Floriano Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Ceraino Climbing Area, Verona Province

Ceredo Climbing Area, Verona Province

Cingoli Climbing Area, Marcerata Province

Cinque Torre Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Colmirano Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Cornalè Climbing Area, Cuneo Province

Costalungo Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Covolo Thiene Climbing Area, Vicenza Province


Erto Climbing Area, Pordenone Province


Falesie del Forte Climbing Area, Verona Province

Fanzaso Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Farenzena Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Ferentillo Climbing Area, Termi Province

Finale Climbing Area, Savona Province


Grotti Climbing Area, Rieti Province


Il Gabellaccia Climbing Area, Carrara-Massa Province


Loreto Climbing Area, Imperia Province

Lumignano Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Lumignano Climbing Area - Americano Sector

Lumignano Climbing Area the Brojon Strapiombi

Lumignano Climbing Area the Classica Sector


Marciaga Climbing Area, Verona Province

Massone (Policromuro) Climbing Area, Trento Province

Matera Climbing Area, Maetera Province

Monsummano Rossa Climbing Area, Pistoia Province

Monte Cimo Climbing Area, Verona Province

Muzzerone Climbing Area, La Spezia Province


Nago Climbing Area, Trento Province


Pale Climbing Area, Perguia Province

Petrella Liri Climbing Area, L'Aquila Province

Picinisco Climbing Area, Frosinone Province

Pioraco Climbing Area, Marcerata Province


Ripa Majala Climbing Area, Viterbo Province

Rivoli Climbing Area, Verona Province

Rocca Pendice (Teolo) Climbing Area, Padova Province

Rocca Pendice Climbing Area the West Wall

Roccamorice Climbing Area, Pescara Province


Sassi di Mas Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Serrada Climbing Area, Trento Province

Soave Climbing Area, Verona Province

Sperlonga Climbing Area, Latina Province

Spiaggia delle Lucertole Climbing Area, Trento Province

St Anna di Stazzema (Monte Lieto) Climbing Area, Carrara-Massa Province

Stallavena Climbing Area, Verona Province


Taibon Climbing Area, Belluno Province


Valle di Schievenin Climbing Area, Belluno Province

Valle Santa Felicita Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Valsugana Covolo Climbing Area, Vicenza Province

Vecchiano Climbing Area, Pisa Province

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Rock Climbing Guide to Italy

Italiaoutdoors Rockclimbing Guide

Rockclimbing guide to Italy

Rock Climb While On Vacation In Italy

Italy really is Europe’s treasure box. It has it all! You name it, spectacular mountain ranges, beautiful lakes, idyllic islands, splendid cities with a wealth of culture, a perfect climate, amazing cuisine, and warm and friendly people. Plus it offers sun-drenched limestone and granite crags in glorious mountain and beach settings. A climbing trip here will be unforgettable! Italy has quality climbing sites in each region, but many of the best equipped are found in the northern part of the country and on the islands. Italy is not as popular a destination as France, and most people will say it is because the grading system in Italy is a big harder.  Having climbed both I have to agree, if you are looking to bag routes based on grade head to France, but for great climbing on high quality limestone and granite Italy has attracted climbers from all over the world. There is boulder sites, short single-pitch routes, and major big-walls and alpine ascents to enjoy, and the climbing season is as varied as the landscape so you can always find a place that is in season. I have started listing the climbing sites I have climbed at over the past 20 years. Some sights may no long be active but as I have time I will try to update the information. This guide is designed to get you started not replace guidebooks being produced by local climbers.  If you are visiting an area include the cost of a local guide into your travel budget, it helps the areas stay clean and bolted. Sites listed are organized by region and then province. Many can be reached by public transportation. Sites listed are sport climbing areas were you only need some quick draws, rope and harness. There are a few multi-pitch sites listed in the rock climbing section, but only those that are well bolted and provide easy access. If you are looking for the bouldering information go to my: PLEASE READ If you can get to one of the sites I have described, be sure and buy the local guidebook if it is being sold by someone who has bolted routes in the area. The routes I recommend and routes I have tried over the years, I cannot tell you how some of the routes are now since I do not climb at the same level.

List of Rock Climbing Areas In Italy

Where to Go Rock Climbing in Italy


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