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3 Day Mountain Trek in Dolomites

Catinaccio Mountain Group | Trentino Altoadige

CATINACCIO ROSENGARTEN 3 DAY HIKING TOUR   As you are organizing you Italian adventure there are several great short treks that gives you the experience of the Dolomites.  This Three Day Hiking Tour at upper altitude through one of the Dolomites most spectular landscapes, the Catinaccio and Rosengarten group is part of the UNESCO hertiage site.  With towering formations, mountain lakes, floria, and panaromic views this is one our favorite short treks in the area.   HOW TO GET TO THE START POINT FOR THIS TREK? DEPARTURE POINT: Pozza di Fassa, there is a bus up to rifugio Gardeccia: DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EE, mountain trails CATINACCIO HIKING TOUR ROUTE NOTES DAY 1 - From Pera di Fass to Rifugio Passo Principe 2600 meters a.s.l. Elevation: 1079 meters gain, 427 meters in descent Time to walk: 4 hours 30 mintues Route: You can arrive to Pera di Fassa by regional bus.  From here hike the trail up to Rifugio Gardeccia (1949 meters a.s.l.). Then to Ciampedie 1998 meters, to Vail delle Feide and through Passo Delle Zigolade 2561 meters a.s.l.. After the Pass you will head to Rifugio Vijolet e Preuss 2243 meters a.s.l. and end the day at Rifugio Passo Principe 2600 meters a.s.l. DAY 2 - From Rifugio Passo Principe 2600 meters a.s.l. to Rifugio Gardeccia 1949 meters Elevation: 1063 meters gain, 1811 meters in descent Time to Walk: 7 hours Route: Rifugio Passo Principe to Passo Antermola 2769 meters, then to Rifugio Antermola 2496 meters a.s.l. After this point walk to Rifugio Alpe di Tires 2440 meters a.s.l., then through Passo Molignon 2604 meters a.s.l. the last section of the day is over to Busa del Principe 2350 meters a.s.l. then to Rifugio Passo Principe 2600 meters a.s.l. and ending at Rifugio Gardeccia 1949 meters a.s.l. DAY 3 - From Rifugio Gardeccia to Rifugio Gardeccia 1949 meters a.s.l. returning to Pozza di Vigo by bus. Elevation: 939 meters gain, 648 meters in descent. Time to Walk: 5 hours 15 minutes Route: From Rifugio Gardeccia 1949 meters a.s.l. over to Passo Coronelle 2630 meters a.s.l. then to Rifugio Coronelle (Rosengartenhutte) 2339 meters a.s.l. then to Rifugio Roda di Vael 2280 meters a.s.l. to Ciampedie 1998 meters a.s.l. ending at Rifugio Gardeccia. RIFUGIO'S ON THE CANTICCIO HIKING TOUR RIFUGIO PASSO PRINCIPE 2600 meters a.s.l., Private owner, Telephone 3339291302, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RIFUGIO GARDECCIA 1949 meters a.s.l., Private owner, Telephone 3357432677, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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Monte Baldo 3

This is a great walk around Monte Boldo, known as the botanic garden of Italy.  Panoramic walk along the crest of the mountain overlooking Lake Garda and the Adige Valley.  


START POINT: Avio, Trento Province
DISTANCE: Less than 15 km per day.
ELEVATION GAIN: 2300+ meters
DIFFICULTY:  Easy walk except for a 20 meter section on the third day that has a safety cord. You must be in shape to walk 5 to 6 hours per day.
SPECIAL NOTE: Make sure the Rifugio’s are open before departing.

Madonna della Corona

DAY 1: Starting in Avio 130 meters a.s.l. walking to Monte Baldo Refugio 1100 meters a.s.l.. You can arrive to Avio via train along the A22 motorway, once in Avio you will go to the Romanist Church where ‘Sentiero della Salute’.  Follow the Salute trail until linking up with SAT 652 trail which will take you to Rifugio Monte Baldo.  Elevation gain: 1050 meters, 4 hours average walk.

DAY 2: From Rifugio Monte Baldo 1100 meters a.s.l. to Rifugio Telegrafo 2147 meters a.s.l..  Following SAT 652 trail to ‘Via dell’Or’ than following ‘dei Bovi’ trail to reach Telegraph Rifugio. Elevation gain 1100 meters, 4 hours 30 minutes walk.

DAY 3: From Rifugio Telegrafo 2147 meters a.s.l. to Rifugio Altissimo 2060 meters a.s.l.. This is the most panoramica section of the walk  along the crest following SAT 651 trail, to reach Rifugio Altissimo. 5 to 6 hours walk.

DAY 4:  From Rifugio Altissimo 2060 meters a.s.l. to Avio 130 meters a.s.l..  Following trail SAT 651 to Bocca di Navene then taking SAT 80 trail to reach Prato Alpesina.  Then you follow the same trail to Madonna della Neve before returning down to Avio.  5 to 6 hours walk.

Monte Baldo 2


RIFUGIO MONTE BALDO 1100 meters a.s.l. - Tel. 0464-391553, cell 3281680820, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
RIFUGIO TELEGRAFO ‘G. BARANA’: CAI Verona - Tel. 045-7731797
RIFUGIO ALTISSIMO ‘D. CHIESA’: SAT, Tel 0464-867130 - cell 3356395415, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Cervino Italian Alps

Primary Mountain Summits are noted in BOLD font- all other points listed are recognized high points and peaks on a primary mountain or along various routes. 

Location Mountain Peak Height (Meters
  Mont Blanc 4807
  Mont Blanc de Courmayeur 4748
  Dufourspitze 4634
  Mont Rosa Grenzgipfel 4618
  Nordend 4609
  Dufourspitze-western fore-sommeit 4600
  Mont Blanc Freney Gr. Chandelle 4600
  Zumsteinspitze 4556
  Signalkuppe - east ridge gendarme 4550
  Mont Blanc Petite Bosse 4547
  Dom 4545
  Nordend - top of south ridge 4542
  Liskamm 4527
  Mont Blanc Grand Bosse 4513
  Weisshorn 4505
  Dufourspitze higer west ridge summit 4469
  Taschhorn 4490
  Dom - western fore- summit  4499
  Liskamm west summit 4479
  Matterhorn 4478
  Matterhorn west summit 4476
  Mont Blanc southwest ridge, Pic Luigi Amadeo 4469
  Dom northeast ridge summit 4468
  Mont Maudit 4465
  Zumsteinspitze -southwest ridge 4463
  Liskamm west summit 4450
  Parrotspitze 4436
  Taschhorn north ridge summit 4404
  Dufourspitze - lower west ridge 4385
  Weisshorn higher north ridge 4362
  Dent Blanche 4356
  Mont Maudit northeast summit 4336
  Kuskamm east shoulder (Cima Scoperta) 4335
  Weisshorn northe ridge 4331
  Nadelhorn  4327
  Schwarzhorn 4322
  Grand Combin 4311
  Ludwigshohe 4311
  Mont Blanc, Dome du Gouter 4304
  Dufourspitze, lower west ridge summit 4280
  Lenzspitze  4294
  Liskamm, Naso 4273
  Finsteraarhorn 4273
  Aiguille du Croissant 4250
  Mont Blanc du Tacul 4248
  Mont Blanc du Tacul east summit 4247
  Mont Blanc south ridge Gr Pilier d'Angle 4243
  Stecknadelhorn 4241
  Pic Tyndall  (Matterhorn) 4241
  Castor 4228
  Zinalrothorn 4221
  Hohberghorn 4219
  Vicent Piramide 4215
  Grandes Jorasses 4208
  Alphubel 4206
  Castor north summit 4205
  Weisshorn, smaller north ridge gendarme 4205
  Weisshorn, lover north ridge summit 4203
  Liskamm southwest ridge  4201
  Zinalrothorn Kanzei 4200
  Rimpfischhorn 4199
  Aletschhorn 4195
  Strahlhorn 4190
  Taschhorn southeast ridge shoulder summit 4175
  Felikhorn  4174
  Dent d'Herens 4171
  Balmenhorn 4167
  Finsteraarhorn - southeast fore-summit 4167
  Breithorn 4464
  Breithorn, central summit 4159
  Jungrau 4158
  Bishorn 4153
  Zinalrothorn Bosse (north ridge) 4150
  Grand COmbin de Tsessetta 4141
  Western Breithornzwilling 4139
  Pointe Burnaby 4135
  Alguille Verte 4122
  Zinalrothorn Gabeltrm 4120
  Isolee (P. Bianchard) 4114
  Aigulle Bianche (P. Gussfeldt) 4112
  Mont Blanc du Tacul Pointe Carmen 4109
  Weisshorn lowest north ridge 4109
  Rimpfischhorn north ridge gendarme 4108
  P. Androsace 4107
  P. Seymour King 4107
  Eastern Brethornzwilling 4106
  P. Jones 4104
  Grande Rocheuse 4102
  Barre des Ecrins 4101
  Pointe Croz 4101
  Zinalrothron Sphinx 4100
  Tour Roughe 4100
  Monch 4099
  Dent Blanche Grand Gendarme 4098
  Pointe Mediane 4097
  Felikjoch top 4093
  Pollux  4092
  Wengener Jungfrau 4089
  Finsteraarhorn northwest ridge 4088
  Pic Lory 4086
  Aletschhorn northeast ridge 4086
  Schreckhorn 4078
  Schwarzfluh Rocca Nera 4075
  P. Chaubert 4074
  Aletschhorn west northwest ridge 4071
  Mont Blanc du Tacul east face 4067
  Pointe Marguerite 4066
  Corne du Diable 4064
  Obergabelhorn 4063
  Gran Paradiso 4061
  Gran Paradiso Madonna sumit 4058
  Mont Brouillard 4053
  Aigulle de Bionassay 4052
  Piz Bernina 4049
  Gross-Fiescherhorn 4049
  Punta Giordani 4046
  Pointe Helene 4045
  Gross-Grunhorn 4044
  Lauteraarhorn 4042
  Pic Eccles 4041
  Dent d'Herens Epaule 4039
  Aigulle du Jardin 4035
  Durrenhorn 4035
  Allalinhorn 4027
  Mont Blanc du Tacul east slope 4027
  Il Roc 4026
  Pointe Eveline 4026
  Dufourspitze lowest west ridge tower 4026
  Hinter-Fiescherhorn 4025
  Weissmies 4023
  Pointe Croux 4023
  Bernina Spalla 4020
  Zinalrothorn Epaule 4017
  Dome de Rochefort 4015
  Dent du Geant 4013
  Punta Baretti 4013
  Lauteraarhorn northwest ridge summit 4011
  Lagginhorn 4010
  Rimpfischhorn west summit 4009
  Aigulle de Rochefort 4001
  Les Droites 4000

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Punta Penia Dolomites 
Planning a hiking trip in the Dolomites and want to bag some peaks during your walks?  Listed on this page are the principle peaks of each mountain group in the Dolomite's.  Individual information will be updated as I have time to re-walk or climb the peaks.  Enjoy your time in the mountains and always be safe.


Marmolada Mountain Group:

  • Punta Penia (3343 m)
  • Punta Rocca (3309 m)
  • Cima Ombretta (3011 m)
  • Gran Vernel (3210 m)
  • Pizzo Serauta (3035 m)
  • Sasso di Valfredda (3009 m)

Latemar Mountain Group:

  • Torri di Latemar (2814 m)
  • Paion (2800 m)
  • Cornon (2781 m)
  • Cima di Valsorda (2762 m)
  • Corno Val D'Ega (2713 m)

Catinaccio Mountain Group:

  • Catinaccio d'Antermoia (3004 m)
  • Cima Catinaccio (2981 m)
  • Cima Scalieret (2887 m)
  • Cima di Lausa (2876 m)
  • Torri del Vajolet (2813 m)
  • Croda di Re Laurino (2813 m)
  • Cima Sforcella (2810 m)
  • Roda di Vael (2806 m)
  • Cogolo di Larsec (2679 m)
  • Cima di Terrarossa (2653 m)

Sella Mountain Group:

  • Piz Boè (3151 m)
  • Le Mesules (3000 m)
  • Cima Pisciadù (2986 m)
  • Piz Gralba (2972 m)
  • Sass Pordoi (2950 m)
  • Piz da Lech (2911 m)

Sassolungo Mountain Group:

  • Sassolungo (3184 m)
  • Punta Grohmann (3126 m)
  • Punta delle Cinque Dita (2996 m)
  • Sassopiatto (2964 m)

Pale di San Martino Mountain Group:

  • Cima Vezzana (3192 m)
  • Cimon della Pala (3184 m)
  • Cima dei Bureloni (3130 m)
  • Cima di Focobon (3054 m)
  • Cima di Campido (3001 m)
  • Pala di San Martino (2982 m)
  • Cima Fradusta (2939 m)
  • Mulaz (2906 m)
  • Monte Agnèr (2872 m)
  • Croda Granda (2849 m)
  • Sass Maor (2812 m)
  • Cima Madonna (2752 m)
  • Cima di Rosetta (2742 m)

Odle-Puez Mountain Group:

  • Furchetta (3025 m)
  • Sass Rigais (3025 m)
  • Piz de Puez (2913 m)
  • Sass de Putia (2875 m)
  • Sassongher (2665 m)
  • Gran Cir (2592 m)

Sciliar Mountain Group:

  • Monte Petz (2662 m)
  • Monte Santner (2413 m)
  • Monte Euringer (2394 m)
  • Dolomiti di Fanes-Braies:
  • Cima Conturines (3064 m)
  • La Varella (3055 m)
  • Cima Dieci (3026 m)
  • Cima Nove (2967 m)
  • Picco di Vallandro (2839 m)
  • Sasso di Santa Croce (2837 m)
  • Croda del Becco (2810 m)
  • Col Bechei (2794 m)
  • Monte Serla (2378 m)

Dolomiti di Sesto Mountain Group:

  • Punta dei Tre Scarperi (3145 m)
  • Croda dei Toni o Cima Dodici (3094 m)
  • Cima Undici (3092 m)
  • Monte Popera (3045 m)
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2998 m)
  • Rocca dei Baranci (2966 m)
  • Croda Rossa di Sesto o Cima Dieci (2965 m)
  • Croda dei Baranci (2922m)
  • Cima d'Auronzo (2914 m)
  • Croda dei Rondoi (2873 m)

Cristallo Mountain Group:

  • Monte Cristallo (3221 m)
  • Piz Pòpena (3152 m)
  • Cima di Mezzo (3145 m)
  • Cristallino D'Ampezzo (3008 m)

Cadini di Misurina Mountain Group:

  • Cadino di Nord-Est (2788 m)
  • Forcella del Nevaio (2624 m)
  • Torre Siorpaes (2553 m)
  • Forcella Verzi (2550 m)

Tofane Mountain Group:

  • Tofana di Mezzo (3244 m)
  • Tofana di Dentro (3238 m)
  • Tofana di Rozes (3225 m)
  • Sella delle Tofane (3068 m)
  • Cima Fanis di Mezzo (2989 m)

Marmarole Mountain Group:

  • Cimon del Froppa (2932 m)
  • Cima Bastioni (2926 m)
  • Pala di Meduce (2864 m)
  • Croda Alta (2645 m)
  • Monte Castellin (2601 m)

Col di Lana Mountain Group:

  • Sett Sass (2571 m)
  • Sass de Stria (2477 m)
  • Col di Lana (2452 m)

Sorapiss Mountain Group:

  • Sorapiss (3205 m)
  • Fopa di Mattia (3155 m)
  • Croda Marcora (3145 m)
  • Ponta Negra (2874 m)
  • La Cesta (2797 m)
  • Cima Bel Pra (2914 m)

Antelao Mountain Group:

  • Antelao (3264 m)
  • Punta Menini (3177 m)
  • Chiggiato (3163 m)
  • Fanton (3142 m)

Croda da Lago Mountain Group:

  • Cima Ambrizzola (2715 m)
  • Croda da Lago (2701 m)
  • Monte Cernera (2657 m)
  • Becco di Mezzodì (2603 m)

Nuvolau Mountain Group

  • Monte Averau (2647 m)
  • Nuvolau (2564 m)
  • Gusella (2595 m)
  • Sass de Stria (2477 m)

Civetta Mountain Group:

  • Monte Civetta (3220 m)
  • Piccola Civetta (3207 m)
  • Cima di Tomè (3004 m)
  • Punta Tissi (2992 m)
  • Moiazza Sud (2878 m)
  • Moiazza Nord (2865 m)

Pelmo Mountain Group:

  • Pelmo (3168 m)
  • Pelmetto (2990 m)

Bosconero Mountain Group:

  • Sasso di Bosconero (2468 m)
  • Sassolungo di Cibiana (2413 m)
  • Monte Sfornioi (2409 m)

Vette Feltrine - Cimonega Mountain Group:

  • Sass de Mura (2550 m)
  • Piz Sagron (2485 m)
  • Monte Pavione (2334 m)
  • Col di Luna (2295 m)
  • Monte Ramezza (2250 m)
  • Monte Scarnia (2226 m)
  • Gruppo dello Schiara:
  • Monte Schiara (2563 m)
  • Monte Tamer (2547 m)
  • Monte Talvena (2542 m)
  • Pelf (2502 m)
  • Castello di Moschesin (2499 m)

Dolomiti di Lienz Mountain Group:

  • Gran Sand Spitze (2772 m)
  • Spitzkofel (2718 m)
  • Kreuzkofel (2695 m)
  • Hochstadel (2680 m)
  • Boses Weibele (2599 m)
  • Eggenkofel (2590 m)
  • Reibenkofel (2383 m)

Dolomiti Friulane Mountain Group:

  • Cima dei Preti (2703 m)
  • Monte Durano (2652 m)
  • Monte Cridola (2580 m)
  • Cima Laste (2555 m)
  • Cima Monfalcon (2548 m)
  • Monte Pramaggiore (2479 m)

Dolomiti di Comelico - Dolomiti Carniche Mountain Group:

  • Monte Cavallino (2689 m)
  • Monte Peralba (2670 m)
  • Cima Palombo (2600 m)
  • Monte Vancomune (2581 m)
  • Crode di Longero (2569 m)

Dolomiti di Brenta Mountain Group:

  • Cima Tosa (3178 m)
  • Cima Brenta (3150 m)


Hiking Italy, Dolomite's

Mountaineering is many things. It is walking, climbing, panoramic views, and wilderness experience. For many, it is the fulfillment of childhood dreams; for others, an opportunity to grow in the face of difficulty. In the mountains await adventure, mystery and lifetime bonds with people whom you share your experiences with. The challenge of mountaineering offers you a chance to learn about yourself outside the confines of the modern world.' Freedom of the Hills".

The Northeastern regions of Italy host one of the most diverse mountainous zones in the world. It is a place where every level of walker, extreme hiker, climber, and mountaineer can grow their skill, and as their experience grows to a peak and then starts to decline, the mountains seem to adjust with you and offers you even more new experiences. These mountains are the Dolomites, and they are comprised 9 mountain groups with over 18 peaks that rise to above 3,000 meters and cover 141,903 ha. It features some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes anywhere, with vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys. The Dolomite's present a diversity of spectacular landscapes of international significance for geomorphology marked by steeples, pinnacles and rock walls, the site also contains glacial landforms and karst systems, they are characterized by dynamic processes with frequent landslides, floods and avalanches. The Dolomites also features one of the worlds best examples of the preservation of Mesozoic carbonate platform systems, with fossil records.

The nine individual area of The Dolomites has been listed as World Heritage property in order to protect the highly distinctive mountain landscapes that are of exceptional natural beauty. Their dramatic vertical and pale colored peaks in a variety of distinctive sculptural forms are extraordinary in a global context. These land areas also contains an internationally important combination of earth science values. The quantity and concentration of highly varied limestone formations is extraordinary in a global context, whilst the exposed geology provides an insight into the recovery of marine life in the Triassic period, after the greatest extinction event recorded in the history of life on Earth. The sublime, monumental and colorful landscapes of the Dolomite's have also long attracted hosts of travellers and a history of scientific and artistic interpretations of its values, and offers a living classroom to explore and enjoy.

UNESCO National Park in Italy's Dolomite Mountains

The components of the Italian Dolomite World Heritage

  • Pelmo Mountain Group
  • Marmolada Mountain Group
  • Pale di San Martino Mountain Group
  • Prez Odle Mountain Group
  • Tofane Mountain Group
  • Cristallo Mountain Group
  • Friulane Mountain Group
  • Sciliar Mountain Group
  • Catinaccio Mountain Group
  • Latemar Mountain Group
  • Brenta Mountain Group

Hiking Italy, UNESCO Dolomite Park