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Explore Venice and the Veneto Region

Veneto Region Of Italy

The Veneto region had everything that a visitor could look for in both history and nature. There are beautiful sea shores, breath taking mountain landscapes, natural hot springs, and wonderful art towns and cities, not to be forgotten is the great foods and wine of the Veneto region.

The history of the region of Veneto is closely linked to the history of the Republic of Venice, that extended its rule over the entire area during the the 12th century, reaching as far as Brescia and Bergamo on the mainland and as far as Crete and Peloponnese in the Mediterranean, until the 17th century. During the period the Serenissima created many wonderful cities of art supported by trade to the Far East as a prime source of wealth. This economic success also helped to give rise to an intense artistic and cultural activity in the area, that has left permanent marks on the Region’s culture.

Outdoor Activities in the Veneto Region

The Veneto region offers many opportunities for fun, relaxation and learning for the traveler. In addition to its wonderful cities of art, the region also has vastly differing landscapes from a nature point of view: it has about 200 km of coastline looking out onto the Adriatic Sea with its wonderful fine golden, sandy beaches. It has mountains, a large area of plains surrounded by hills, the eastern side of Lake Garda, thermal spas and Italy’s two longest rivers: the Po and the Adige.

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