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Located north of Venice is the small provincial city of Montebellluno, at some great bike routes to explore during your next visit to the Veneto. There are five specific itineraries for avid cyclists to enjoy; each route is signposted with colour-coded signs to help you navigate the route. Stopping by the local information tourist office in Montebelluno you will find an information booklet detailing the routes.

The great things about the routes are that they are within some of the Veneto's riches cultural areas and agricultural centres. Whether you like to visit stately villas or to sample some good quality wines these routes will appeal to all active vacationers. Choose a route and do a one-day activity or find lodging and explore all five of the routes available.

These routes are designed for well-trained cyclists and the variety of terrain being written over the five routes makes this area a perfect one week training center. The starting points are designed for local cyclist or for those with a car. However, it is very easy to link into the route from Montebelluno, it is easy to adjust distance-based upon fitness levels. You will find all the roads will maintain an asphalted with appropriate signs, most roads are secondary roads where there is less traffic.

Overview of the Routes

How to get there:

You can reach Montebelluno by Train from Venice.  Trains run daily about every hour and you either go to Padova or Treviso to make a change.  Travel time is about 1 hour 20 minutes.

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