Another one of the special hidden valleys of the hills that has seems to connect you with earth and nature itself. The valley holds several surprises, there are still parts of the Fonte Regina spring, that feed the Roman aqueducts that ran to Abano and Padua. Above the town in Luvigliano is the villa dei Vescovi, designed by Falconetto and built by Andrea da Valle, and nearby is the Euganean Hills Headquaters for Consorzio dei Vino D.O.C., the organization that guarantees the quality of wines in the Euganean region.

The Camaldolese monks chose to build the Monte Rua Hermitage in Torreglia, a tranquil site fit for mediation. The Camaldolese monks and nuns are part of the Benedictine family of monastic communities which follow the way of life outlined in the Rule of St. Benedict, written in the 6th century.

Things to see in Torreglia

  • Chiesa di San Martino
  • Chiesa di San Sabino
  • Ermo di Monte Rua
  • Hotel La Torre
  • Il Castelletto
  • villa Barbieri Verson
  • villa dei Vescovi
  • villa Imacolata
  • villa Isabella
  • villa Tolomei
  • villa Venturini Ferri

Padova Province,, Euganean hills,

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