In a plaque on the side porch to the central source of Lelia Recoaro reads: "Recoaro such as landscape, / is one of my best experiences" / FREDRIC Wilhelm Nietzsche / German philosopher (1844 - 1900) / A RECOARO IN THE SPRING OF 1881 / bother 'with these waters. " That influenced by the health benefits of Nietzsche and the development of his thought, as is clear from his letters and his works. Stay Recoaro, in fact, led to an improvement in the quality of life of the philosopher, who in the spa town had the idea of "Zarathustra".

Sitting beneath the spectacular peak of Mt. Carega, Recoaro became well known as a boarder town, were individuals crossing the Campogross Pass would enter into the Italian Republic from Austria-Hungery. As well, it became well known for its mineral waters and after the construction of a spa complex in the late 1800’s, a treatment center and holiday resort.

Today the area is a holiday retreat for both winter and summer months. There is a small ski area for downhill, but the area is best for cross country and back country treks. In the summer time there are plenty of trails for hiking in the Piccolo Dolomiti.

The cuisine centres are around the northern Alpine flavors imported here in the Middle Ages by the Cimbri woodcutters. One speciality not to be missed: gnocchi con la fioretta.

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