posina lake 

Posina is a small village that sits between the mountains of Schio, Pasubio, and Tonezzo.  A stage area for the First World War the community now is the start point for a some nice mountain walks and bike rides.  Very much off the beaten path Posina offers a great view of 'real Italy'.

Posina lies at an elevation of 600 metres (2,000 ft) at the foot of Mount Majo and Mount Gamonda, Mount Pasubio. On the whole dominates thePasubio which can be accessed through the picturesque Val Caprara, Val Sorapache or arrived at passo Xomo on the Strada degli Scarubbi or the famous Strada delle 52 galleriegreat work of military engineering theFirst World War.

The most important historical building in the town is the Church of Saint Margaret, consecrated in 1764 and restored in 2008. Posina is also home to the EcoMuseo Grande Guerra which remembers the battles of theFirst World War that had a profound effect on Posina and the surrounding area.


Vicenza Province,

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