Bike Tour Italy, Passo d'Aune Dolomite's

Croce d'Aune is a small pass just north of Feltre, located in Belluno province of the Veneto. This mountain pass was once the main route of communication between Feltre and the Cismon Valley. Now a tunnel and road has been constructed, resulting in this special spot being forgotten.  There are lots of hiking paths starting from the Croce d'Aune and this happens to be the start point of the Belluno Dolomiti National Park.   

The pass is the site where Tullio Campagnolo (from Vicenza) had the inspiration to develop the skewer (quick release) for the bike wheel. He was racing across the pass in the 1920's and due to bad weather and cold Campagnolo had trouble taking off this back wheel to change a flat. He had the idea to create a quick release system and this item became one of the many patented items he would go on to develop when he opened his factory in 1933.   An exceptionally crafted monument has been placed at the pass to recognize Tullio Campagnolo and his innovations in the bike industry. 

Bike Tour Italy, Passo Croce d'Aune Dolomite Map

I do not recommend riding the main road up the valley toward San Martino and using the tunnel, although it is not very long you can find heavy traffic at times. Just before the tunnel you can take the road around that runs along the river. You can also ride Passo Borcon, the Sugana Valley bike path, Passo Cedere from Agordo and add Passo d'Aune in as part of your ride.

The classic way to ride the pass is from Ponte d'Oltra, the road has less traffic then from Feltre and is a better ascent than descent.

Start Elevation 401 meters
Max Elevation 1,015 meters
Length· 11.3 km
Elevation Gain 992 meters
Average Grade 5.4%
Max Grade 15.5%

Bike Tour Italy, Passo Croce d'Aune Dolomite's

Turn off for the pass is well marked on both sides.

Bike Tour Italy, Passo Corce d'Aune Dolomite's

Just after the village the hardest part of the climb starts. There is a water fountain at this point.

Bike Tour Italy, Passo Croce d'Aune Dolomite's

This is a great ride and not overwhelming, a good early or late season route to add some elevation to your bike route and to see a part of cycling history.

Biek Tour Italy, Passo Croce d'Aune Dolomite's

Then it is a quick descent back down into the valley

Bike Tour Italy, Passo d'Aune Dolomite's

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