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Rock Climbing Guide to Italy

Climbing In Italy

With good weather, great food and epic mountain groups, adding some climbing to your Italian Holiday can make it pretty special. From the mountainous north to Sicily in the south you can find developed climbing sites to fit all abilities and styles. With the over crowding and over expensive of many main travel destinations and for those just wanting to get off the beaten path a climbing trip could perfect. 

TYPES OF CLIMBING FOUND IN ITALY: Rock Climbing (bolted, equipped Cliffs/Crags) Bouldering Alpine Climbing (multipitch routes) Mountaineering (High Altitude ascents) Vie Ferrata (Cable, ladder, and fixed line routes)

Top Rock Climbing Area in Italy

If you are planning a climbing trip to Italy there are a few destination sites to explore.  These are areas you can spend one or even two weeks of climbing in the area.  With climbing found in every region of the country there are plenty of one day sites to enjoy that will allow you a break from the tourism centers Italy is a great climbing destination.

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Top Rock Bouldering Areas in Italy

There is plenty of rock in Italy but not a lot of great Bouldering. There are still a few places to enjoy but it is dependent on which region you are visiting and the style of rock you wish to climb.  That being said you can still get some climbing in with spend a few days at these locations.

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Need Help Planning Your Italy Vacation

Italy is one of the most diverse places in the world to visit but there is more to the country then Venice, Florence, Roma, Cinque Terre and a couple of other top attractions.  If you plan you days well and understand how to move around within the country you can a great cost effective vacation full of activity, history, culture, and great food and wine.  Contact us to get the insights to travel in Italy.  We offer: Travel Consultant- book time online for a web chat to answer your questions about traveling in Italy. Travel Planning - need help outlining and planning your adventure in Italy. Scheduled Tours - each month we lead a scheduled tour for those looking to join a small group to explore. Travel support:  Bike Touring - routes, bike rental, bag transfers.  Walking/Hiking Tours - routes, bag transfers. Booking assistance and suggested contacts.

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