Photo of Bike Touring Friuli Venezia Region of Italy

The Friuli Venezia and Trieste Bike Tour is in one of the least known areas of Italy, that has a rare cultural mix of western and eastern European. The bike rides are varied, major of the routes are flat easy rides, two days of rolling hills, and the Queen stage of the tour is one of Italy's hardest climb Monte Zoncolan.  Our adventure will pass through wine areas, historical cities, and remote areas that seem to have been lost in time.  A great biking trip for all levels, (note there is an alternate climb if you do not wish ride the Monte Zoncolan). Once a part of the Venetian Republic the Friuli Venezia region sits on the cross roads between western and eastern Europe.  The land area has been occupied by Romans, Longbards, Venetians, Austria-Hungary, and Slovaks.

This culture mix with the dynamic landscape has made the Friuli Venezia one of the last "unexplored Italian" regions left.  Join me on a great bike ride some of Europe's great climbs and discover the hidden treasures and varied foods and wines of the region.



Quick Glance of the Day by Day Itinerary

  • Saturday - Pick Up at Marco Polo Airport or Mestre Train Station
  • Sunday - Caorle - Aquileia - Palmovia
  • Monday - Palmovia - Miramare - Trieste
  • Tuesday - Trieste - Slovenia - Gorzia
  • Wednesday - Gorzia - Udine - Tolmezzo
  • Thursday -Tolmezzo Monte Zoncolan Loop
  • Friday - Tolmezzo to Portaguraro
  • Saturday - Goodbye - Transfer to Airport


DAY 1 - SATURDAY On all our trips we like to set the tone of relaxation and fun.  Therefore on the first day of the tour - we pick you up that the Airport (or designated Train Station if you are flying into Venice's Marco Polo).  Transfer to 1st night hotel, set bikes, give over of week and program schedule.  There is a short check out ride if there is time and enjoy some local foods and wine.

DAY 2 - SUNDAY - Today we are riding along the coast line of the Adriatic to Palmovia, a unique fortress city.  After breakfast we gather our bikes and make a short ride to the city of Grado and then onto Aquelia (old Roma city that was sacked by Attila the Hun, whose invasion helped create the city of Venice). From Aquelia it is on to Palmovia and after our ride and cleaning up we have a tour of the city, sample some local food and wine, and then enjoy a dinner out at a local trattoria. Milage Day 2 - 35 miles.

DAY 3 - MONDAY - Departing the fortress of Palmovia we head toward the coast line and through the old battle lines of WW1, Montefalcone and Redipugia are options to visit along the way, and a must stop over is Miramare (once the seaside retreat of the Austrian-Hungarian rulers).  Or destination is Trieste, once the main sea port for Central Europe, coffee captial of Italy, and once home to James Joyce the famous English Author.  Overnight in Trieste, explore the city and small cafe shops during the late afternoon. Mileage Day 3 - 42 miles

DAY 4 - TUESDAY - Leaving Trieste we ride up unto the hills behind the city to reach the Carso, barren limestones hills that once created a natural barrier between Italy and Slovenia.  If you do not want to start the day with a climb you can ride up to on the old tramway. Once over the Carso we reach the city of Gorizia, unique cross roads city on the Italian border, to reach the city, we will first ride through the wine hills of the Colli. Overnight in Gorzia   Milage Day 4 - 35 miles

DAY 5 - WEDNESDAY - From Grozia we ride the foothills of the Julian Alps working our way through small villages and wine zones.  Our first destination of the day is the captial of the Friuli Venezia Region, Udine, and then to the small town Tolmezzo, that sets at the gateway, into the Alps.  Overnight in Tolmezzo. Dinner at our Hotel.  Milage Day 5 - 43 miles

DAY 6 - THURSDAY - A great challenge awaits us on our ride today, riding a northern loop ride will take us by Monte Zoncolan, in the hardest climbs in Italy. Monte Zoncolan is a climb many cyclist dream of being able to do, anyone not wanting to attempt the ride there is an alternate route. Overnight in Tolmezzo. Mileage Day 6 - 48 miles

DAY 7 - FRIDAY - Leaving behind the mountains we are back on the flats, riding south to Palmovia.  We ride through the medieval town of Spilimbergo. Following the Taligmento river we cut across the plains to reach Portogruaro, one an old port city on the Adriatic Sea.  At Portogruaro we lodge for our last night and enjoy an end of trip dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight Portogruaro Mileage Day 7 - 35 miles

DAY 8 - SATURDAY -Arriverdici! After our morning meal we transfer you to Venice Marco Polo Airport, or Mestre Train station so you can continue your adventures in Italy.

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