Lumignano Climbing Area the Classica Sector

Photo of the Classic Sector of Lumignano Rock Climbing Italy

The Classica Sector at Lumignano, was the first sector to be bolted in the early 1970's and during the 1980's hosted some of Europes hardest routes.  Even today the route quality is exceptional even if climbing skill has increased.  The grades tend to be very stiff and combined with the style of climbing it is very difficult to on-sight.  The grey and red streaked limestone is part of an undersea reef so you find lots of small pockets.  Many routes are very techincal requiring good foot work and strong finger strength. 


Best time to climb is during cooler months and this is winter destination.  However, you can climb early morning until 1000 a.m. or after about 1700 p.m. during the warmer months. 


(note that some routes have upper sections) most routes are marked.

  • 40 gocce di Valium 7a/ 7c+
  • Via Casarotto A2/IV+
  • Placca Campi 6a
  • Melli 5c
  • Totem 6a/b
  • Fessure Rossi III+, V
  • Via Conforto V, V+ Variation V
  • U2 6a
  • Joshua Tree 6b
  • Spigolo Casarotto 6a, III+
  • Eroiken varianten VI
  •  Varianten diretten 6a
  • New Route 7a+
  • Mariacher 6c
  • Libellulalilla 6a
  • Pinguino 6a+
  • Simeoni 6a
  • Bucomania 6b
  • Via Bisson 6b
  • Via Renè 6b
  • Kit e Katzi 6b+
  • Goccia d’acqua 6b
  • Goccia d’arsenico 7a
  • Mister X 7c
  • Lee Oswald 6a
  • Tentativo Mariacher ??
  • Fata Morgana 7b+
  • Ape IV+
  • Ali Agca 6a
  • Cina 6a+
  • Catarro 6c
  • Maruscao IV
  • Palkiewich 6a
  • Pancia Classica 5a
  • O Giglio Mio 6a
  • Vecchia Volpe 6a
  • Mickey Mouse 6a+
  • Pancia Casarotto 6b+
  • Margherita 7a+
  • Odore dei Sogni 7a+
  • Sogni d’Oro 7b+
  • Oro Puro 7b/c
  • Arco d’Oro 7c
  • Aguaplano 8b
  • Atomic Café 8a+
  • Master Blaster 7b
  • Vietato l’ingresso 7b
  • Burro e Piombo 6c/7a
  • Rotpunkt di Sera 7a
  • Passo Falso 7c+
  • Scarlet Letter 8a?
  • El Somaro 8a
  • Mare Allucinante 8a/b
  • Falangioni 8b
  • Boomerang 8a
  • Orient Express 7b
  • Durlindana 6c
  • Anny 6c
  • Pistacchio 6b+
  • Spranghe 5b
  • Fly down 7b
  • Diedro della Shrega 5a
  • Haidi 5c
  • Pedro 5a
  • Spigolo della Sbraga 5b
  • Melquiades 6b+
  • Macondo 6b+
  • Marcedonia 6a
  • Etique Etoc 6b
  • Strapiombo della Sbrega 6a
  • Pui dolore per favore 6b+
  • Befana 6c+
  • Eddy 5a
  • Delrio Alimentare 6a+
  • Robbins 6b
  • Pink Panter 6b
  • Grillo Parlante 7a
  • Esperimento ?
  • Scacciapuffi 5a
  • Bala degli Arcobaleni 6a
  • Lo Sgombro 6b
  • Orrenda 6a
  • Excalibur 6a
  • Pippo Pamir 7a
  • Scharura del Sahara 6c+
  • Ginevra 7a+
  • Fly Dreams 7b
  • Trichomonas 6a
  • Aswan 6c+
  • Beverly Hills 6b+
  • Marilyn 6b
  • Fessura 17 6a+
  • Stefanel 6a
  • Coccodrillo Crak 5c
  • Lampo d’Argento 6c
  • Ma Chere 7c
  • Papillon 7b
  • Jubba de Hut 7b+
  • Technicolor 7a
  • Miso Rock 8a
  • Soia Climb 8
  • Mago della Propoli 7a
  • I Want Your Sex 7a
  • Fessura Mariacher 6c
  • Deidro Pilier IV
  • Giosuè 6b+
  • Physical 6b
  • Hot Dog 6a
  • Emmenthal 6c
  • (A+B)/2 6c+
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