Photo of Brojon Strapiombi Rock Climbing Sector

Brojon Strapiombi is also known as the Pardi Sector and is located in a valley, and part of the Lumignano Climbing Area . The sector is a popular destination for climbers looking for routes about the 7a grade.  At the Brojon Overhanging sector there are just over 20 climbs and the average grade is 7b+.  This sector is great to climb in the winter months or late afternoon in the warmer months.  The older routes are very powerful with long dynamic moves.  Some of the newer routes are one move specials that require exceptional finger strength.  Most of this cliff has manufactured holds that have been chipped and glued over the years. The climbing is still very good and this is a popular destination. 


Routes from Right to Left on the main overhang

  1. Joker 6c+
  2. Pesantone 7a
  3. Ramassage scolaire 7b+
  4. Lord Kerrington 7c+
  5. Il richiamo dei Poldo 7c
  6. Nessun dorma 7b+
  7. Il falco 8b
  8. Project ??
  9. Re Artu 7c+
  10. La grotta 8a
  11. Bravo 8a+
  12. Mr Rawaipindi 7b+
  13. Indigo 7b
  14. Il toro di Pianiga 8a+
  15. Frush Fred 8b
  16. Tosva 8b+
  17. Piccole donne 8a

Routes on the lower lip of the overhang Right to Left

  1. Jazz 8a
  2. Metamorfosi 8a
  3. Maionese 7b
  4. L'0rso 7b+
  5. L'emiliano 7b+

Recommeded Routes

  • Il richiamo dei Poldo
  • La grotta
  • Bravo
  • Mr Rawaipindi

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