Pale di S. Martino mountain group is in the Trentino Alto Adige region has 8 marked and maintained via Ferreta. With a plenty of different hiking, walking, and climbing routes at various difficulty rating you can spend a week enjoying the mountains of S. Martino di C.  The valley is not as well known due to small access roads but with the new tunnels it is a bit easier to get into the area.  

Map of the vie Ferrate


Gruppo Pale di S. Martino vie Ferrate - remember that as a rule a trail marked via ferrate is generally a climb to a peak, a trail marked as sentiero is generally a path/trail with some fixed gear.

  Route name Peak and elevation
1. via ferrata Sella Alpina Monte Agner, 2872 meters
2. via ferrata Gabitta d'Ignotti Cima della Vezzan, 3192 meters
3. via ferrata Bolver-Lugli Cima della Vezzana, 3192 meters
4. Sentiero del Dottor passo dell'Orsa-passo di Canali-forcella di Miel
5. Sentiero Nico Gusella Cima Val di Roda, 2791 meters
6. via ferrata del Velo Rifugio Pradidali-Rifugio Velo di Madonna
7. via ferrata Fiamme Gialle Croda Grande 2849 meters
8. Sentiero Dino Buzzati Cimerlo, 2503 meters

Pale di San Martino Mountains,, vie ferrate,

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