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Climbing Guide to the Veneto

Rockclimbing Guide To The Veneto Region

There are enough bolted climbing sites in the Veneto region to keep you climbing a lifetime. I have been exploring the area since 1985 and still have not climbed at every site nor completed all the routes on my tick-list. The most historical area in the Veneto for rock climbing is Lumignano, bolted in the 70's it use to host some of italy's hardest routes, and even today the classic sector has quality climbs for all levels of climbers. A boom of the crag development occurred in the 90's, however, there has a period of decline after 2000, mostly due to the climber's who were doing the bolting started to age and not a lot of younger individuals taking their place. The decline can also be contributed to less easily accessible cliff face, cost of materials, and the popularity of bouldering and indoor gyms, and an economical upswing of the Italian economy. Several sites have gone unattended and no longer are open to climbing, but there is hope many of the areas will come back into use. There are a small group of young climbs opening routes in the Sugana valley and Agrodine areas, and other climbing groups starting to clean and maintain the classic routes. PLEASE READ: If you can get to one of the sites I have described, please buy the local guidebook if it is being sold by someone who has bolted routes in the area. Listed in this guide are routes I have tried over the years, I cannot tell you how some of the routes are now since I do not climb at the same level.


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