Over the past years I have become a student of Italy History and Culture.  Italy has so many layers of history that has influnced each Region.  Inorder to fully understood the why and how things came to be I continue to read and study.  Below is a listing of books I have read and a quick rating.  Hope you find the list helpful.

Book Title


The Eye Witness guides are excellent for those who just like a guide overview of what they see.



James Morris


John Haycraft

The Dark Heart of Italy

Tobias Jones

Italy and its Discontents

Paul Ginsborg

The Death of Marco Pantani

Matt Rendell

Fallen Angel Fausto Coppi

William Fotheringham

Across the River and through the Trees


Farewell to Arms


The Great Betrayal (Story of the Fourth Crusade)

Ernle Bradford

The Gateway to the Middle Ages Italy


The Twelve Caesars


Italia Romantica

Roderick Cavaliero

War in Italy

John Kegen

The Cardinal’s Hat

Mary Hollingsworth

A History of Venice

John Norwich

GomorrahItaly’s other mafia

Roberto Saviano

This is an on-going list and I will update as I have time.

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